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Tate Modern gallery in London


The power of unsubscribe

How to Hygge (I’m obsessed with books about hygge at the moment.)

What are you going to do when they tell you that there is life on other planets?

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Pumpkin miso broth with soba | roasted cauliflower with pumpkin seeds | vegan pumpkin waffles

Loving this desktop wallpaper

These are such a brilliant idea. While Googling them I spotted a newspaper headline suggesting we’re raising a generation of anxious children, but actually, I think these toys empower children and their parents to TALK about their worries. We’re raising a generation of people who are encouraged to articulate how they feel. That’s a good thing.

The pram in the hall

[video] This made me laugh

I’m also OBSESSED with this beautiful body oil. Like, rubbing it on my feet every night in an effort to relax more. Like, pouring it into my bath every morning. #love

Happy weekend, loves! xo


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  1. Jo

    Flamm the Sorgenfresser has lived at our house for a long time now and we love him. We also used to do nightly ‘worry time’ with E and it worked brilliantly. Just 15 minutes each night for her to offload. Now it only happens once in a blue moon. Raising emotionally eloquent children helps all of us.

  2. Kirsten

    Thank you for sharing the body oil. I ordered some, and I am IN LOVE!

  3. susannah

    Yay! I’m completely obsessed with it :-)

  4. tanya

    do you have any favorite recommendations for hygge books? I recently moved from a tropical to a COLD climate, and am loving it as an approach to getting through the winter months. Would love any input based on what you’ve read :)

  5. susannah

    hi love! There are two i like (and have): How to Hygge by Signe Johansen and The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking xx

  6. tanya

    awesome!! Thank you!

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