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This is not my beautiful house

Gift ideas: this pouch | this book | this brooch | these door hangers

“The objectification and scrutiny we put women through is absurd and disturbing. The way I am portrayed by the media is simply a reflection of how we see and portray women in general, measured against some warped standard of beauty. Sometimes cultural standards just need a different perspective so we can see them for what they really are — a collective acceptance… a subconscious agreement. We are in charge of our agreement. Little girls everywhere are absorbing our agreement, passive or otherwise. And it begins early.” — read this article from Jennifer Aniston

[Podcast] Lisa Congdon and The Jealous Curator in conversation

Torta caprese | double dark chocolate g-f zucchini bread | cardomom oatmeal with pear & nut butter

“Trump and Putin supporters don’t read the Guardian, so writing there is just reassuring our friends. We need to find a way to bridge from our closed groups to other closed groups, try to cross the ever widening social divides.” — this piece gave me shivers but needed to be read

[Podcast] You’ve got to have faith

Help spread a little more kindness

If there were ever a time for women to be resourced, awake and rooted, this is it. — read this post from Rachel

[Podcast] Mary Oliver: Listening to the world

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  1. Erin

    Thank you so so much for the shout out to my podcast interview with Alana! What a treat to be featured and to discover you in the process!

  2. Susanne

    Thank you so much for your link to Tobias Stone. Like Tobias Stone writes, we need to build bridges to people having not the same thinking, and talk to each other in an understanding and respectful way. Not so much focus on what is different an who is the best, who is right – but on what unites us and where we can support each other and how we can live together in a good way.

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