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10 of the most beautiful libraries on earth

Gift ideas: this Polaroid pin | this patch | Memorial stitches

[video] Dads write powerful affirmations for their daughters

Friends creating good stuff: Anna’s beautiful oracle deck | Ronna’s sacred readings | Lisa’s tarot bags | Bella’s perfume oils

Clutter-free holiday decorations

[video] The One Moment (and how they made it)

Email etiquette: the double opt-in email introduction

[podcast] Why our “suffering” only exists in the past, with Byron Katie




And finally, I’m already seeing peeks of the workbook out in the wild! I’m treating myself to a printed copy from Blurb and planning an evening of reflection with candles and gluten-free pumpkin spice loaf (thank you Carrie!).

You can get the workbook and planner over here and sign up for the Find Your Word course over here :-)

Happy weekend loves xo

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  1. Bella Cirovic

    Thank you! ~ I’m having my workbook printed out & bound today. Cannot wait to dive in. xo

  2. Jen

    Just about to sit down with the workbook … but I wanted to share with you a blog post I just wrote about getting a much-coveted Polaroid camera:
    Hope all is well with you! Can’t wait to see what I unravel with the workbook!

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