Making magic in 2018


It’s my favourite time of year, work-wise, because I get to give you presents and that makes me very happy indeed :-) Back for the NINTH year in a row (how did that happen?!) head over here to get this year’s UNRAVEL YOUR YEAR workbook and then swing by this page to sign-up to FIND YOUR WORD!

2017 has been a doozy — let’s fill next year full of MAGIC xo


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  1. Stephanie

    Filling in part of your workbook is my personal New Year’s Eve tradition (my birthday is on December 9, and for the last 4 years I have done the the looking-back part on dec 8). My husband told me this morning that he won’t be home on that evening, so now I’m all set to continue my little tradition.
    I love these yearly workbooks so much, Susannah. Thank you!

  2. Jacki

    This will be my fifth year of filling out this workbook. It’s one of my favorite year end traditions. Thank you for continuing to gift us all with this.

  3. SHT

    Susannah, thank you and your team for gifting all of us these gems, again. I cannot express adequately how much I appreciate and look forward to them every year. I am truly grateful. Please know that these are a bright spot for many of us. Wishing all of you success and happiness.

  4. Kelly

    Thank you, thank you, Susannah! I’ve been anxiously checking for this all week! Your workbook truly is the best Christmas present. Thank you for sharing it (and yourself!) with us. Much love! xx

  5. Anna

    Yay, I can’t wait to print this out and dive in!! It’s the perfect cozy wintery day here in Chicago to do some reflection and intention setting. This workbook is my fave, thank you so much for sharing it again! xo Anna

  6. Daisy

    Thank you for this once again, this is year #3 for me!

  7. Kristen

    Yesss! I was thinking about this the other day when a possible word for 2018 floated to me. Thank you, thank you! Love filling out these pages. <3

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  9. Spike

    I discovered your work last year. I unraveled 2016, found my word — and EVERYTHING changed.

    I have been on eleventerhooks waiting for this to come up again, and so glad it did. (Think four-year-old when Christmas morning FINALLY comes around!) I cannot wait to see what my takeaways for 2017 are, and to decide which direction to steer 2018

  10. Loena

    I cannot start my year without your workbook. It’s my third year now and I absolutely love what you did this year! Thank you so much!

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