Something for the (holiday) weekend!


I’ve been running the December Reflections photo challenge for the last few years and every time we near the end I get that sad feeling, the one you get at the end of a holiday when it’s nearly time to go home. This year I decided to stave off that feeling by instigating a new challenge to ease us into January. Come read about it over here!

“I just want to feel good in my body” — thank you, Rachel

The importance of revisiting notebooks

14 ways to make journaling one of the best things you do in 2018

White bean soup | vegetarian shepherd’s pie | a pot of really good daal

Unraveling the Heart of your Business — loved doing this interview with Angela!

The cat woman now reads books about cats: The Inner Life of Cats | Buddhism for Pet Lovers

Preparing the way: Ronna’s Sacred Readings | Amy’s My Word Goddess Readings | Theresa’s Tarotcast

Falling Together: Rebecca Solnitt talks to Krista Tippet

The week between Christmas and New Year — my favourite week of the year — is the perfect time to dip into these:

Happy holidays, loves! x

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  1. Janet

    Thank you for the work that you do inspring so many of us. I recently finished the process of picking a word and I am nearly finished with Unraveling!

    Thank you for bringing this process to my life.

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