How to access your inner wisdom (+ a giveaway!)


I truly believe that each of us has all the answers we need inside of us but how do we access that? If I was to sit down and try to access my “wisdom” all I’d hear would be thoughts, so I have a few tricks that help me side-step my overthinky brain and tap into the part of me that’s far wiser than the face I show the world. It starts with a piece of paper and a pen.

Without a doubt journaling is one of the fastest ways to get to know who you are on the inside. You can use paint and collage, write gratitude lists, use prompts and keep five-year diaries — and all of that is fantastic — but the method I return to again and again is the simple act of writing stuff down, stream-of-consciousness style, in a notebook. I write the date at the top of the page and then scribble down whatever is on my mind. It might end up being three pages of hormone-fuelled angst or a paragraph outlining an idea that came to me over breakfast. I don’t journal every day but I’ve made it my practice to check in with myself in my journal at least once a week, usually more. I don’t write anything particularly profound — most of my journaling reads like a messy brain dump.


Getting into the habit of journaling — however that looks for you — is the doorway to accessing your inner wisdom. In that way it’s a bit like meditation: for the first few minutes after I’ve closed my eyes I’m like a dog trying to get into a comfortable position. My neck suddenly itches, my hands feel cramped. My head immediately fills with everything I must do and my monkey mind starts jumping around. But after a few minutes of letting myself settle, things quieten down and I can bring my focus to the mantra, if I have one, or I simply ‘sit back’ in my head and pay attention to the space inside me (best way I can describe it). If I’m lucky that’s the point when I start to feel more connected to the bigness of everything, but even if I don’t get there, I still feel calmer when I eventually open my eyes.

So if we translate that into journaling, first you get everything out of your head onto the page. Concerns, worries, half-baked ideas, preoccupations. He said this, she said that. The what ifs? The resolutions. Get it all out. And then keep writing. Start asking the questions and see what you come up with. Once I’ve dumped everything out of my brain I find it’s much easier to start looking at things from a different perspective. Sometimes I’ll keep my notebook by my side all day, adding more notes as they occur to me. What started as chaos in the morning might look very different by the evening.

Another journaling technique I use a lot is letter writing. You can write letters to people, places, things, feelings — anything and everything, really — but it’s especially powerful when you write a letter to yourself as yourself. Try writing a letter as your future self, one year older than you are now. Or five years older. Or as your 80-year-old self. What does she have to say? What clarity can she share about your current situation? I like to imagine that my future self knows a heck of a lot more about the world than I do, so when she writes me a letter I feel I’m accessing the part of me that’s wise and loving. Doesn’t matter that it’s the me of today who’s writing it — I’ll often read a letter back and wonder where did that come from?!  



Checking in with my inner wisdom and intuition is how all my decisions and plans are made these days. We live in a noisy world filled with people telling us what to do and how to live but the fact is nobody knows YOU like you do. You are the ultimate authority on your inner and outer world but it can be hard to hear yourself think let alone listen to anything more subtle! And intuition is really beautifully subtle, so I’ve created a new course to help you not only hear your own inner wisdom but to act on it too. Think of it as your sense of knowing — just like your others senses it’s possible to strengthen your intuition through daily connecting and creative practices — and yes, journaling plays a big part in that!

Your Soul Speaks feels like the next evolution in my teaching. In all my courses I want to empower you to be able to know, trust and express yourself better. It’s time we tune in to ourselves to become fully empowered to steer our own ship. A world full of people who trusted and followed their inner guidance would be a world that changed overnight! And it starts with us.


The giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Your Soul Speaks I have six special journal packs up for grabs! Inside each pack is a gorgeous OLA journal, a copy of Project Calm magazine, a stick of palo santo and a pack of my absolute favourite incense.

There will be 12 winners in total — 6 peeps get a journal pack and a place in class PLUS! another six peeps will also get a place in class.

** If you win and you’ve already enrolled in class I will send you a refund! **

I’m happy to mail the packs anywhere in the world, so this giveaway is open to everyone.

How to play

You can enter up to five times in the following ways:

1. Leave a comment on this post sharing something that has already made you smile in 2018

2. Pinterest: Pin one of the images in this post (and include a link back to this post) then leave a comment saying you’ve pinned it

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Comments will close on Friday February 23rd at 11:59pm GMT and I’ll contact the 12 winners on Saturday 24th (please make sure you type your email address carefully when leaving a comment)  The winners have all been notifed x

Good luck and thanks for helping me spread the word about Your Soul Speaks! xo

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  1. Susan

    I shared on Facebook! ??

  2. Charity

    Returning to my work after a bereavement leave has brought surprising joy and good energy.

  3. Charity

    Shared on Facebook :)

  4. Lara

    Learning to dance has made me smile a lot in 2018, I’ve thought about it for ages but finally have done it and although scary to try something out of my comfort zone, it has also made me feel really free! Such a beautiful inspiring post ?

  5. Darca

    Shared on Instagram! My very first IG post ever.

  6. Darca

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  7. Sheena P

    My beautiful nieces have made me smile so many times in 2018 ?

  8. Carol

    Xcountry skiing on a beautiful sunny day thru the woods, just me, the birds, rabbits & squirrels always makes me ?

  9. Carol

    Xcountry skiing on a beautiful sunny day thru the woods, just me, the birds, rabbits & squirrels always makes me ?

  10. Carol

    Shared to FB

  11. Terri

    The weather. Having moved to get away from ‘damp’ I am grateful to be seeing sunshine more.

  12. Melissa Simpson

    Here are a few things that have made me smile lately:

    • Being greeted by my dogs when I arrive home from work.

    • receiving and sending thank yous to co-workers

    • receiving a text message from a friend about a photo of her newborn daughter that I took. She loved it and put it in her cubicle at work.

    I have posted this blog link to my Twitter and pinned it on Pinterest.

  13. Cara

    A beautiful sunny 78 degree day in Maryland in February made me smile.

  14. Danielle Marie Barbeau Cook

    Something that has made me smile this year… Creating a new office nook in my home and filling it with beautiful little things that bring me joy and inspiration. We don’t have a lot of space, and between my two boys and husband, there isn’t always a lot of feminine energy in my home! Every time I walk in the room and see my pretty office nook I smile and feel like I have a place to keep me grounded and express myself. Thanks for the opportunity to share. Xo.

  15. Cara

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  16. Cara

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  17. Danielle Marie Barbeau Cook

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  18. Danielle Marie Barbeau Cook

    Shared to Facebook (and not sure why my post above has a ? Whoops!)

  19. Catherine

    Hi Sussanah, i facebooked, instagram and Pinterest. Your posts have made me smile this year as well as unravelling my year so many new things to learn this year. My daughter, cat and dog makes me smile everyday. Xxx

  20. Judith

    My new pink bead annealing kiln made me smile.

  21. Judith

    Pinned to Pinterest

  22. Judith

    and tweeted on Twitter

  23. Katie

    The changing weather in England after living abroad for a few years . If it’s raining i play board games with the children .The frost makes me want to snuggle up longer in bed and even the cloudy days doesn’t stop us getting out for a good walk.

  24. Deb

    Something that has mad me smil this year… becoming the shortest in my family! My 16 and 13 yr olds are now both taller than me, a new perspective in the world looking up at them ?

  25. Colleen Leonardi

    Something that has made me smile in 2018 :: Waiting in traffic on a rainy Tuesday & looked up to see two red tailed hawks spinning in the sky from the gusts & moving sideways with full wing span looking like they were having so much fun that it made me want to fly.

  26. Catherine

    Watching my son handle a heartrending breakup with kindness and grace.

  27. Crystal

    Something that made me smile this year… hearing Eddie Izard talk about his life. Not your ordinary standup routine.

  28. Colleen Leonardi

    Oh, & posted to my Instagram ?? Thank you ????

  29. Leah A.

    Getting back to yoga at the studio after a six month break due to an injury :) And starting a gratitude journal!

  30. Leah A.

    Also shared on Facebook! :) (on my blog page @WhiteSkyProject)

  31. Amy

    Graduating from Art Therapy school after 2.5 years made me smile BIG :)

  32. Aidan

    What made me smile… the email that let me know my late father’s house had finally sold, after 2.5 years. Letting go is difficult, but this is one more step on my journey.

  33. Kate

    Forgot to click submit on this one. Shared on Facebook!

  34. Krystyna

    My word for 2018 is ‘stillness’ and even though I was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the end of 2017 I find that discovering my word in unexpected places makes me smile.

  35. Audrey

    His name is Freddie. He is about 9 inches tall, a Meyers Parrot. He is a baby and a delight to be able to be around. He teaches me every day about patience, kindness and why I should smile.

  36. SB

    Something that made me smile? Being stuck in traffic and trapped with the thoughts in my head, I happened to look up at the evening sky. There was the moon, just a curved sliver of moon, smiling down at me. I couldn’t help but smile back.

  37. Michele morphitis

    The Gentle January group made me smile… after the loss of my lodestar German Shepherd Gatsby…in December… and my new puppy Apollo makes me smile… the sharing of others helps… such a good use of social media… for a change… authentic soul sharing… and I’d love to do more ! Mx

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