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I’m birthing my new course baby into the world today (my 13th!). It’s on a day where I’m so hormonal (hello wacky premenstrual perimenopause) it’s probably not the best time to be online as I find I have little patience for the selling and promotion that seems to be everywhere. Everything’s “life-changing”, everyone’s got “six secrets”. Every email is “time-sensitive”. Every “free” webinar is just a one-hour sales pitch. Even today I received an email with the subject line: “I believe this can change your life”. Aargh, it’s so manipulative!

So here’s the thing —  the hormonal fire in my blood makes me want to be really honest with you. I’m SO tired of the way stuff gets promoted online I want to do it differently. So here’s my anti-launch pitch for my new baby:

1. I don’t have all the answers.

2. I can’t promise this will change your life.

3. I don’t have six secrets :-)

5. I’m not doing a “free” webinar to sell this course to you.

6. The only time-sensitive thing about this is the fact that the course has an actual start date — it’s Monday October 22nd.

Okay cool, we got that outta the way!



The course is called Open Your Eyes: Practicing Mindfulness in Everyday Life and, in a nutshell, this is the stuff that’s been helping me. I’ve been planning a course like this for years — I even had it featured on my site when it relaunched in 2015 — but it wasn’t until I moved house that I knew it was time to explore this properly. It started with the morning light. About two weeks into the move, when I could finally sit down and not feel overwhelmed by boxes, I began noticing how the light crept into the house in the morning. Having just spent two years in a dark cottage I was completely light-starved. Working from home had required lamps to be on all day, even in the summer, and I remember getting stressed the day of the move because I couldn’t find the boxes with the lamps in, only to then realise I DIDN’T NEED THEM — the living room stayed light till 9pm.

From then on I became a light-hunter, following the light through the house as it dipped and curled around the rooms. One morning I took a photo of the light hitting the chair in the living room and shared it on Instagram with the caption: 6:22 Morning light. I did it again the next day, and the next, until now every day begins with me noticing the morning light. Here’s what it looked like this morning:



This is an example of just one creative mindfulness practice. In Open Your Eyes we’ll spend 4 weeks trying out lots of different ways we can bring pockets of mindfulness into our days. As photography has been hugely instrumental in my own mindfulness practice we’ll explore how we can use our cameras and smartphones to get back INTO the present moment (not out of it!) but the course isn’t all photography prompts — we’ll be mixing it up!

We’ll also have a private Facebook group where we can share our discoveries, but I’m keen for us to disentangle ourselves from the pull of social media so we’ll be exploring how we can be more mindful online.

Registration is now open over here so if this sounds like something you’d like to do I’d love to have you join us, of course. The course will absolutely run again next year so you’ll get another chance if now’s not the right time (no scarcity here, loves!)

I thought it would be fun to do an impromptu giveaway so if you’d like to help me get the word out about the course I have 10 places in class up for grabs — all you have to do is share the course badge above on the ONE social media platform you enjoy using the most. Include a link to the course page in your caption — — (or my Instagram profile if you’re sharing there) and then come back here and leave a comment letting me know you shared it.

That’s it :-)

Comments will close on September 27th and I’ll contact the 10 winners on the 28th — if you win and you’ve already enrolled in class I’ll send you a refund!

Thanks so much for helping me spread the word about Open Your Eyes. Do I think this course will change your life? No, I don’t! However, practicing mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress, calm anxiety, boost immunity and increase mental focus. It also makes food taste better and music sound better… It’s certainly helped me get on top of my anxiety and was something I intuitively knew to do in the first year of bereavement even before I knew what mindfulness was (I’ll talk about that in the course) so, hand on my heart, I know this stuff works. xo

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  1. Kathy

    You made me laugh! Of course everything is life changing. Every choice we make has the potential to change us… IS changing us. Life is constantly changing. So are we. Mindfulness is about being more present and conscious about our choices – so that could be considered life changing, my dear! All teasing aside, I love your letters and I’m sure your course is awesome. And I DO understand what you mean about everyone having the answers, the secrets, just do this, all will be fixed. Someone told me internal work is the hardest work you’ll ever do. (Oh, goodie!) Mindfulness is a good place to start. {wink} Have an awesomely wonderful, creative, and blessed day! Hug Cat for us all!

  2. Alison

    ooohhhh I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!
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  3. Amanda

    What a beautiful idea for a course! I’ve shared it to my Instagram:

  4. Rachel

    Pinned it!
    Totally synchronous with what I’ve been reading and thinking as of late. Exciting!

  5. Rhonda

    I’ve taken Susannah’s class before…and to some it may not be life-changing, but to others of us…oh yea. This would be a wonderful course to be part of. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Anne

    My pleasure, FB, LinkedIn & Twitter x

  7. Rebecca

    Ohhh, how generous of you! The course looks amazing and exactly what I need in my life right now. Pinned it:

  8. Anetti

    Shared. Would love to take a part in this course! ?????

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    I shared over @hannahpasquinzo on Insta. Excited for this one. :)

  11. Lynn

    It would be delightful to join you! Thanks for the chance! I’ve pinned it!

  12. Sylvia van Bruggen

    What a gorgeous course. From the moment I first saw your announcement on instagram, I knew it would be special and one I want to do one day.

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    Hi Susannah,
    This course sounds wonderful, I shared it on my Pinterest Board “This Life I’m Living”
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    Love your blog.
    Thanks Kay

  22. Holly

    What a great sounding course. Shared on Twitter (@HolzC) at Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Oh my do I need this class! What an insane year so far. This sounds amazing. Shared on Twitter at @EditorStewart. Thanks for offering these free spaces! Link to tweet:


  25. Cristina

    I love your love letters, been following you for two years. Loved you first for the word of the year mini course. I shared the news about the mindfulness practice on instagram @cristina_a_a_a__

  26. Abbie

    Thank you for the opportunity <3

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  27. Coral

    I just shared on Instagram. That’s where I follow you and is photo based, so thought that was the best place. I’ve been digging deeper into this idea in 2018. Noticing the smaller things. The quieter moments that don’t get shared publicly. Being in the sunshine with my dog, catching up with kindred spirits on a Wednesday night for cheap dinner but priceless refilling of my cup, making bad jokes at the TV with my husband and giggling ourselves silly – even after 20 years together. It’s the little things that make life beautiful, not just the big events. I’m chasing that more and more as this year has gone along. Like I’m thawing our from being numb.

  28. Kyla

    I’ve shared! <3
    I love seeing your emails come through to my inbox – I always know it's going to be a dose of warmth or encouraging words, or a lovely new offering. Thank you!

  29. Sylvia

    I’m very excited about this offering, Susannah! This is exactly what my heart craves right now ? I shared on Instagram @rainbowsylvia ????

  30. Jennifer Delgado

    Susannah, I love your site and your blog and I would love to win a spot in this class so much, so I shared it on Facebook. Not my favorite social media outlet, but I use it the most. I am on Facebook as Jennifer Delgado and I have two accounts, I posted it to the one where my photo is of me sitting at a table with a bunch of drinks in front of me:). I was having fun that day, what can I say? Thank you for all you do, I look forward to your love letters!

  31. Danielle Drosdick

    Happy to have shared and can’t wsit for the course. Shared on my IG account @seeingwithmyheart Thank you so much for creating these courses. Every one that I’ve taken has been amazing… and yes, life changing in some precious, subtle way.?????

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  40. Sarah

    Shared on Facebook. You are the only blog/newsletter that I religiously read that drops into my inbox. I have unsubscribed to so much stuff lately, but yours I actually look forward to. You remind me that being me is okay, and to write from the heart and to what is true to me. Thank you, and I love reading about Cat too. Having had a ‘mover inner’ myself, who has now been with me for 4 years.

  41. jackie rasmus

    I would love to take this course and have shared on facebook.
    Marketing makes me feel so weary these days, I generally just delete anything promising me to change my life or me. So, your comments made me want to sign up to your course immediately!

  42. Anne Devlin

    I.shared on FB, I would love to win this. Your writings speak to me and I always feel a sense of calm.and peacefulness after reading your emails.

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    This sounds like the perfect course to do alongside all the other mindfulness practices I have in my life right now. Would love to win a spot and have just shared it on my FB page (@writeyourjourney).

  60. Inna
    Dear Susanna, i want to thank you for your openess, sencirety and for being hier.
    I have been sielently reading your blog since couple of years. So much happend to me .. very good and sad ones. but you were always here with your love letters. Ready to share and support… offering your hand. And the ones who are also “involved”, your readers.
    It counts so much. Thanks

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    I cannot wait. What perfect timing for the change of seasons. Shared on my Facebook page but don’t know how to put a link here. ?

  64. CandyP

    I cannot wait. What perfect timing for the change of seasons. Shared on my Facebook page but don’t know how to put a link here. ?

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    My favorite part of all this is your anti-launch manifesto. So good. I shared, as usual, with all my friends. :)

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    This course looks simply wonderful…

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    I would love to win a spot in this course! This is actually the second time this week I have referenced (and linked) to one of your classes! I really appreciate your wonderful openness!

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  69. Carrie

    Happy to share the love…

  70. Diane

    Oh how I could hug you right now. I’ve been struggling with the same thing of the whole online marketing of courses, blogs, products, services etc. I unplugged and unfollowed (almost blindly and without much thought) many people. And yes, during my pretty rough perimenopause time. I’m only slowly coming out of it now into full blow menopause. We’ve made some dramatic changes and I’m trying to live a more simple, intentional and “lagom” lifestyle with my loved ones. I want to get back to my authentic blogging practice. And as such, have been re-designing my website. All slow but sure. Reading your blog post today really confirms my intentions. Even though it may well be equally hormonal induced. Ha! Either way, much love and thanks for being so honest.

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