April Love 2022

April Love is a very gentle photo challenge to help bring creative mindfulness to our days.

There are no emails or pressure to keep up. You can get involved as much or as little as you want. You could take photos every day or just dip in when you feel inspired. You could get your kids involved! Share your photos in the Facebook group, on Instagram with our hashtag #aprillove2022 or just keep them for yourself. There are no rules.

I’ve created a list of photo prompts to be explored throughout the month so use the challenge as a way to give yourself ten minutes to notice your surroundings and take a breath. Keep it simple. Enjoy digging into your home and surroundings with your camera and maybe spend a bit of time in your journal, too. Or not!

Again I say: there really are no rules.

Optional sharing!

There are two ways we can gather as a community:

1. Join the Facebook group over here to share your photos and insights

2. Share your photos on Instagram using the #AprilLove2022 hashtag

Happy April Love, everyone! xo