A year in photos


Once again I haven’t picked up a camera this year, but holy wow have I given my iPhone a good work out. This year has been surprising and full and hard and very short. I finally started dating again and met some interesting — and not so interesting! — men. I made some wonderful new gal pals. I uncovered parts of myself I’d known were there but this was the year they came out to play. A CAT MOVED IN WITH ME. My nephews thrived and blossomed and bloomed. I got to spend time with my auntie visiting from Australia. I did a lot of work and had periods of not doing very much work at all. Allergies kicked my arse severely for most of the year. I said the words “I’m so tired” about a billion times. I got a LOT of new tattoos. I meditated most mornings until my mornings got hijacked by a furry mistress. I cried with my Polish friend when the Brexit result was announced. I did the best I could every day. It’s all we can ever do, amiright?


Something for the weekend


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Pssst. They’re over here: Unravel Your Year | Find Your Word

The best of friends (this makes me weepy!)


Making magic in 2018


It’s my favourite time of year, work-wise, because I get to give you presents and that makes me very happy indeed :-) Back for the NINTH year in a row (how did that happen?!) head over here to get this year’s UNRAVEL YOUR YEAR workbook and then swing by this page to sign-up to FIND YOUR WORD!

2017 has been a doozy — let’s fill next year full of MAGIC xo


Something for the weekend


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Finally, I’m so ready for a reboot, aren’t you? It’s been a year of all the feels and I’m looking forward to the blank slate of 2018. But first! It’s time to mindfully meander back through the year because December Reflections is back! The prompts, blog roll and all the deets are over here xo