A photographic tour of the city's delights

This book is a photographic love letter to London, one of the most innovative and unfailingly maddening cities in the world. With camera in hand, British photographer Susannah Conway travels through the city's hippest and most historic neighbourhoods capturing both iconic and hidden sights of London, from the bucolic beauty of Hampstead Heath in the north to the lively community spirit of Peckham in the south. Shooting both digital and her beloved Polaroids, Conway captures the city's timeless appeal in gorgeous images as only a local could, and reveals the abundance of unique treasures that await both locals and visitors in Londontown.

"The whole book makes me want to chuck my calendar and my current life and jump on a plane to Heathrow. It's been about 5 years since I was last there... I think it's time." — Caroline, USA

"Loving the book. I just got back to NYC from Londontown barely a week ago, and this is easing the Londontown-I-miss-it-already blues!" — Gina, USA

This I Know

Notes on Unraveling the Heart

This book is about unraveling the layers of our lives, delving beneath the surface in order to better understand ourselves, our relationships, and our path. Author Susannah Conway uncovered this process following a tragedy—the sudden death of the man she loved. In sharing her journey of self-discovery first through her blog, then her online courses, and now in these pages, she reveals how grief reshaped her life and led her to reconnect with her creativity, make peace with her past, and learn to appreciate herself.

This is a guidebook of sorts, a collection of thoughts and theories, each chapter culminating in a small creative exercise for the reader to reflect upon and apply to her own life. The author’s signature dreamy Polaroid images are also included throughout. Conway reminds readers that they are not alone, that living mindfully is a process, and that unraveling is not about coming undone or losing control, but rather letting go in the best possible way. By untangling the knots that hold you back, unearthing the potential that’s always been there and ditching the labels and should-haves you can let yourself be who you were always meant to be.

“This I Know is like your own best friend speakIng to you long into the night. Poetic, hopeful, real like the self you know you are inside. The one who wants to come out and revel in the unravelling, who wants to be a part of a sisterhood that understands loss and heartbreak and all of the nuances of self doubt, jubilation, acceptance, freedom and genuine kinship with others. Susannah invites you to write your own story. I truly enjoyed this and it came just when I needed it as all things do. When my heart is breaking, my soul seeking answers and a desire for connection...somewhere, somehow. Thank you! This book is a gift! Truly!” — Lee Ann

Instant Love

How to make magic and memories with polaroids

With instant film once again available, Polaroids and other instant cameras are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. This friendly and informative guide is the essential how-to book for shooting gorgeous instant pictures with personal panache and a touch of romance. Packed with tips on how to shoot with various cameras, details about the different types of film available, advice on composition and lighting techniques, plus creative projects to transform snapshots into keepsake mementos and portfolios of beautiful images for inspiration, this is the ultimate companion for capturing instant memories.

Jenifer Altman, Susannah Conway, and Amanda Gilligan are an international trio of instant photography fanatics. Jenifer is based in Asheville, North Carolina. Susannah lives in London, England. Amanda lives in Sydney, Australia.

"I was really excited to get this book and it didn't disappoint. I think both newbies and established photographers will love it. For beginners there are great sections on each type of camera, film and instructions on use. For people already familiar with instant cameras I think they will enjoy the technical tips and the inspiring photos and stories. I also have to say I love the physical nature of the book. It's a beautifully printed book that feels great in my hand. It's also the perfect size to slip into my purse and carry along. Thank you, ladies for making such an amazing book and inspiring a new generation of instant photographers!" — Becky, USA

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