Something for the weekend


Elizabeth Gilbert: Choosing curiosity over fear

The Unlonely Project

This hot chocolate | summer vegetable avocado frittata | caramelised white lentil hummus

Collaboration kills creativity, according to science

Expressive writing prompts to use if you’ve been accused of white fragility, spiritual bypass or white privilege

The only three things I need in a partner

This music

See the world through the eyes of a cat

Science says silence is vital for our brains

A decent enough dad

Rebuilding self-trust

Something for the (holiday) weekend!


I’ve been running the December Reflections photo challenge for the last few years and every time we near the end I get that sad feeling, the one you get at the end of a holiday when it’s nearly time to go home. This year I decided to stave off that feeling by instigating a new challenge to ease us into January. Come read about it over here!

“I just want to feel good in my body” — thank you, Rachel

The importance of revisiting notebooks

14 ways to make journaling one of the best things you do in 2018

White bean soup | vegetarian shepherd’s pie | a pot of really good daal

Unraveling the Heart of your Business — loved doing this interview with Angela!

The cat woman now reads books about cats: The Inner Life of Cats | Buddhism for Pet Lovers

Preparing the way: Ronna’s Sacred Readings | Amy’s My Word Goddess Readings | Theresa’s Tarotcast

Falling Together: Rebecca Solnitt talks to Krista Tippet

The week between Christmas and New Year — my favourite week of the year — is the perfect time to dip into these:

Happy holidays, loves! x

Something for the weekend


So sweet: What my daughter thinks about my tattoos

Immunity soup | butternut hummus with feta + pomegranatesbaked lemon spinach risotto | sweet fire tonic 

13 questions to ask before getting married | 100 questions to spark conversation and connection

Why do women get all attractive if they don’t want to be harassed? Glad you asked.



David Mitchell tells the story of his marriage

Pricey but it made me smile 

Jen has a gorgeous free calendar full of prompts to get you writing in 2018

I can so relate: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator



Pssst. They’re over here: Unravel Your Year | Find Your Word

The best of friends (this makes me weepy!)


Making magic in 2018


It’s my favourite time of year, work-wise, because I get to give you presents and that makes me very happy indeed :-) Back for the NINTH year in a row (how did that happen?!) head over here to get this year’s UNRAVEL YOUR YEAR workbook and then swing by this page to sign-up to FIND YOUR WORD!

2017 has been a doozy — let’s fill next year full of MAGIC xo