Something for the weekend

101 ways to find inspiration, stay motivated and achieve your goals

How to love an introvert (via Sarah)

How I keep my (natural) beauty routine sane — tips from Tsh

[video] William’s crystal corner (this made me giggle ;-)

How to be fearlessly creative — wisdom from Justine

Gluten-free popcorn cookies | peanut butter banana smoothie | coco banana date shake

Tattoo inspo from the Free People office

London vs New York in numbers | vintage photos of NYC

Did you hear that Google Reader will be no more as of July 1st? I KNOW! If, like me, you rely on your GR to read your favourite blogs, now’s the time to find an alternative. I’m liking NewsBlur and Feedly (so far) — more ideas here and here

Super snack suggestions from Kate

My yoga online (though I learned from the best)

[video] Illuminating photography

And finally, registration for the spring sessions of Unravelling and Photo Meditations opened this week! I haven’t run Photo Meditations as a live class in over a year so i’m looking forward to diving in with a new group… and as for Unravelling? Well, that’s my heart on the page right there :)

Something for the weekend

You didn’t think I’d forgotten did you?

The myth of the eight-hour sleep

DIY Altoids watercolour tin

“Nonsense emoticon intensifiers” made me laugh out loud :-)))))

Poetry is the anti-twitter — thoughts from Ingrid

How to get along for 500 days alone together

These wedding photos from 1974 made me smile

Pic Tap Go (via Bella)

You don’t have to Google everything — smiles from Jason

Raw brownies | roasted beetroot salad | oven-roasted creamy beetroot soup

The magic of diaries

[video] Ed Hardy studio session — wow!

Miranda July & Lena Dunham in conversation

Swooning over these products | and these perfumes

And finally, Deepak & Oprah are running the 21-day Meditation Challenge again (it’s free) xx

Something for the weekend

Really want this notebook

19 very clever things to do with coconut oil

[video] The Empathic Civilisation

Pappardelle scarpariello | almond chicken soup | sweet potato hash with sausages & eggs

A full moon forgiveness ceremony

Such gorgeous pottery

Mary Gordon on the joy of notebooks and writing by hand

[video] The Gypsy Gentleman in Paris

Backyard photos of the sun

The benefits of strategic renewal

Intrigued by Darling magazine | savouring Amulet

I’m seriously considering a trp to Denmark to see this

And finally, the first session of Journal Your Life is filling up fast. If you want to learn how to journal consistently, or to deepen your current journalling practice, please do join us! x

Something for the weekend

Want to check out YogaGlo (via Jo)

[video] Really looking forward to seeing Finding Vivian Maier

Neon love messages in Times Square

Wow! Dazzling 3D animations of nebulae

The exercise mistake I used to make — thoughts from Sarah

10 things I find sexy in a woman | 10 things I find sexy in a man

Oddly fascinating: photos of pencils (via Anthony)

I had a reading with Ophira of the AstroTwins this week and was blown away by how intuitive (and accurate!) it was — recommended

Grilled kale sald with beets, figs & ricotta | fig & salted caramel meringue smash

Learn how to meditate

The power in small moments — loveliness from Jenn

Online jewellery stores I dig: Spartan | Cisthene | Bona Drag

Seashell candles | The HoodiePillow!

Voicing the Hymns — lovely free download from Amy

My morning routine

And finally, my newest e-course, Journal Your Life, is now out in the world!!

In this 6-week course I’ll lead you through the creation of your own Creative Dream Journal, the tool that’s helped me truly write my dreams in reality. Each week we focus on a specific area of our lives, excavating our own personal wisdom, getting honest with ourselves on the page and breathing life into the dreams we hold in our hearts… read more.

Registration opens on Tuesday! Can’t wait to share this with you xo