Something for the weekend

Looking forward to the Women of the World Festival at the Southbank

[video] How big is the universe… compared with a grain of sand?

A decade of thriving with cancer — from Kris

Love these thank you cards | this Moleskine cover | this lipbalm

How to read like a writer

Vocabulary of coffee bars (via Sas)

Richard Olsen’s handmade houses

Purple sprouting broccoli with olive oil mash | kale rice bowl | roasted sweet potatoes and spicy feta-olive salad

Social media dos and don’t — smarts from Grace & co

The Nu Project — nude portraits of women like you and me (via Hannah)

I want to go see this

Fascinating: colour blindness simulator

Oh, to live in San Francisco (scroll down to see the view from his deck area!)

Lessons in love learned the hard way — musings from Oriah

And finally, such a powerful and brave post from Lisa


Something for the weekend

Some thoughts and musings about making things for the web (can relate to so much of this)

Nutella, brown butter & sea salt cookies | Nutella cheesecake bars | homemade Nutella

[video] The most helpful breast-checking reminder I’ve found

Gorgeous Valentine posters and free download

The ultimate green smoothie recipe round-up

Why creativity?

18 complicated scientific ideas explained simply

I’m doing a call with the lovely Mamacoach Circle ladies in March

Loving Holly’s free font (make your own with this app)

Biz Ladies profile: Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay

Love this: lotus bowl | cool bag | deer necklace

10 movies that make writing look incredibly dangerous

[video] And finally, this music video was made with an MRI scanner — oddly compelling (via Swiss Miss)


Something for the weekend

13 New Year’s resolutions for writers

Instagram loves: Fer Montoro | Hannah Queen

Discover your personality colour (mine was spookily accurate :)

Authors with tattoos | An amazing history of women & tattoos

“Tattoos established visible links between the spiritual and the natural domains by tapping into them, allowing the body to escape into a world where there was nothing but the magical essence of things, sublimely detached from the here and now.” from The art of magical tattoos (via Jo)

I’m in love with these ceramics (via Holly)

Zadie Smith on joy

Have you joined Vine yet? It’s a new iPhone app that let’s you record and share 6-second video clips. They launched this week so there are plenty of kinks they need to work out, but it has so much potential! I’m ‘Susannah Conway’ on Vine — my first clips are here and here (check out actor Adam Goldberg’s feed — he’s really running with it!)

Magic carpet yoga mats

“There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton (74 more inspiring quotes over here)

10 famous authors on the importance of keeping a journal | Virginia Woolf on the benefits of keeping a diary

Favourite photo of the week

Apple skillet cake with rosemary crumb | Amaretti ice cream sandwiches | glazed beet + carrot salad

Angie made some free Photoshop light leak brushes

This candle and this candle are currently making my home smell good

[video] And finally, Erica’s gift made me cry (in a good way)

Something for the weekend

20 great writers on the art of revision

Despite my reluctance to juice, I’m loving the explorations of Joy and Heidi

This made me drool

25 free romantic fonts

Which nutritional supplements should we take?

Celebrating 150 years of the London Underground: No Trousers on the Tube Day | the Tube in numbers | Proof that the Tube staff are awesome

11 branded buzzwords we should retire in 2013

Currently obsessed with this skincare range from New Zealand

A room with a view (from above)

[video] Love how commited and passionate this guy is

These book covers are so gorgeous

Andrea is truly the mistress of the Pola portrait

Beetroot soup & horseradish yoghurt | winter greens + crispy quinoa salad | ethereally smooth hummus

On turning 38 — truth and wisdom from Bella

You are beautiful

New Instagram loves: cucinadigitale | trishapapadakos

And finally, thank you so much for your kindness about yesterday’s post. I really do read every single comment and they mean the freakin world to me ~ thank you xo