Something for the weekend

[video] Oliver Jeffers’ author video is utterly charming (via Swiss Miss)

A New Yorker and a Londoner swap lives and blog it out

Advanced Style (Lois and Linda are my favourites)

How to write faster and get organised with Scrivener (I used Scrivener to write my book and LOVE it)

Healthy comfort foods | smoky root vegetable soup | five ingredients or less

[video] I wish I had the ovaries to do this

So cool: patterned paint rollers

30 accomplishments to be proud of

[video] It’s a snow day in most of the UK today, but it’s not as cold as it is here (that’s boiling water he threw into the air!)

Afterglow is my current favourite photography app | interview with the app’s creator

Lots of lovely desktop wallpapers over here

[video] Adoring this quirky Vanessa Bruno promo video

Happy weekend, loves!

Something for the weekend

Just donated to help save a teenage girl’s life, remembering how hopeless and out of control I often felt at that age. Please do donate if you can. Every little bit helps

The best book covers of 2012

Kindling Quarterly: a magazine for fathers

SO awesome: how blind people use Instagram

Because you never know what’s really going on for someone else: Curatives for judgement — smarts from Danielle

Megan’s drawing a portrait-a-day for a year and she’d like to draw you — here’s mine :)

[video] What would you do if money was no object? | What’s your money story?

Chocolate Guinness cake | warm butternut squash & chickpea salad

London Underground: 14 alternate tube maps | vintage album art inspired by Homeland

Gorgeous new project from Lisa & Maria: The Reconstructionists

The photo is lying – super smarts from Kate

I’m going ease hunting with Rachel in February – you too?

Organising a photo library with Lightroom

Dreamy portraits of identical twins

Galina has translated the Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook into Russian!

21 Brilliant British People Problems (8 and 9 made me laugh out loud)

And finally, no results yet xo

Something for the weekend

Woot! First SFTW of the year! I’ve been compiling these weekly lists for well over a year now and it’s the first time I’ve stuck to a regular feature on this blog. I really love putting these together so i hope you guys find them fun, too. In other news I’m still sick, but definitely on the mend — just need to slow down and not try to catch up on everything the moment i feel better *ahem*

[video] Symphony of Science: We are All Connected

Jeffrey Eugenide’s advice to young writers

The pun-tastic work of Hanksy (Pie Hard | Ferrell cats)

How to rock being a woman — smarts from Justine

Lovely review of This I Know over on Elephant Journal this week

[video] Photographer Daido Moriyama shooting in Tokyo

Revisiting my Style Statement — still fits me perfectly

Polaroid-a-day from Amanda Marsalis

“I try to present myself the same in-person as I do on my profile: quirky and charming and a little aloof. As if this tells my whole story. As if comparing myself to a Zooey Deschanel character is all that’s needed to encapsulate who I am: cupcakes and dresses with boots and awkward asides. This is how I’m supposed to present myself. Telling the truth—about my insomnia and depression and inability to feel normal—would be ridiculous.” – a beautifuly honest look at dating by Kristen Forbes (via Jill)

Thanks to the intro from my bro-in-law, I’m now rather obsessed with Kraken rum (it’s medicinal!)

Men: new and unimproved — smarts from Jason

[video] Changing education paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson (via my sister)

Such a great idea: One second every day app

Famous resolution lists

Love this recipe wall calender

[audio] free meditation audios over on this site

The 101 most amazing things women said on Twitter this last year

And finally, the 2013 workbook has been downloaded over 25,000 times! Crazy! Loving seeing how peeps are using it on Instagram and Facebook. Clare sent me the photo below with following note: “My friend Sam and I thought it would be a lovely thing to make some booklets for a retreat we were going on over new year. So Sam got out his sewing machine, and hey presto. They went down a treat.”

LOVE THESE SO MUCH. If you’ve blogged about how you’ve used the workbook please do share a link in the comments — I’d love to see it xx

Something for the weekend

One of my fave poets, David Whyte, reading one of my fave poems, Sweet Darkness (via Jill)

Loving the paintings of Anne Siems

Sandra and Johan’s gorgeous apartment in Berlin | people in artsy flats in London and NYC

[video] an underwater tornado of fish

Loving these flying houses

Basil & persimmon salad | persimmon pear caprese toast | hot buttered rum & cider

Leaves made into a font

The collected wisdom in The Body Stories

[video] The Gypsy Gentleman in London – tattooing & travelling (a few conversational f-bombs in here :)

Ophi & Tali explain how the north and south nodes of the moon affect our growth

Holiday party bingo!

Camera-like controls for your smartphone

[video] The world’s (second) largest tree — the people are like xmas tree decorations (i want to go see this!)

10 things Joan Didion loves

And finally, a sneak peak at what Megg, Sas and I are cooking up for September… Unravel Your Story

Happy weekend, loves xo