Something for the weekend


The tyranny of needing to be liked: wisdom from Pam

[video] Return to the Sea: Saltworks by Motoi Yamamoto

Loving everything in Erica Tanov’s home | ditto Tara & Percy’s home

Margaret Atwood’s 10 rules for writing

[video] Seth Godin on books, business, choices & life

My friends inspire me: Sas is stepping into her bigness and Marisa’s first book is about to be released into the world!

20 scrumptious pumpkin recipes | rose petal jam | autumn breakfast porridge

One for the Mac lovers among us: Leo’s essential mac setup

Studio visits with west coast artists

I finally succumbed and started watching Downton Abbey, which, of course, i love! So now planning Polaroid expedition to Highclere Castle | love these photos | Uptown Downstairs Abbey Parts one & two

Why the pursuit of your dream is your sacred obligation: wisdom from Justine

[video] No place like home

“Instead of flipping out over the possibility of dying in some fiery comet (or other fantastical ending) why not just LIVE WELL?” Abso-bloody-lutely. Smartness from Theresa (via Fabeku)

This really made me smile: Americans are barmy over Britishisms (we’ve adopted lots of Americanisms, too, you know ;-)

I’ve had a few lucid dreams — an amazing experience!

Happy weekend, everybody! xo

Something for the weekend

If you’re reading this post in Google Reader or by email you might like to pop over to the site — I’ve had a revamp! I wanted a return to the simplicity of the early days, so we’ve pared back the design a tad and hopefully infused a little more calm. There’s a brand new page revealing the skinny on my Big Sister Sessions, and a new shop page, too. I’m also gifting the Exploring the Senses ebook to everyone who joins my mailing list — I’ve never been a big fan of optin offers, but I AM a fan of presents, so gifting a whole ecourse-in-an-ebook felt like a fair compromise :) I hope you like the new look!

[video] Montaged signature camera angles from Wes Anderson | Kubrick | Tarantino | Aronofsky

I need these pencils. I need this clutch. I need this photograph.

[audio] My soul sister Megg has launched her magical new site and she’s sharing her first book chaper-by-chapter in a weekly podcast — there’s something so lovely about listening to a story, so I’m hooked already :)

It’s amazing what you can do with an iPhone and cool app: Nicole Franzen’s photographs

The new normal… insight from Martha Beck

Lasagna bolognese | pumpkin, chorizo & chickpea soupbutter lettuce salad with tahini-honey dressing

Needing this lately: the perfect snooze

More from Iceland

Business is a sacred container for creative growth and transformation: wisdom from Hiro

[video] Holy naked us

[video] Completely obsessed with WALK THE MOON’s debut album. Love all the songs, which is so rare these days. Listening to it right now on repeat… I think ‘Tightrope‘ will be my anthem for moving back to London…

Have fun this weekend, loves! xo

Something for the weekend

What matters is the work

Free ebook! How to tap into your badassery

Humans of New York (sigh… i miss you, NYC)

[video] What do you call the dark part of you? (it’s a good question)

This is important: Half The Sky

Vintage camera book end DIY

How to break through your creative block

Love Gabriela Herman’s bloggers series

[video] A fire devil in Australia

Salad with figs, pecorino & honey | brown sugar roasted fig oatmeal | proper tomato sauce

Always find new music to love on Music Mondays | my new favourite song

Susan Piver talks about mindfulness, serendipity & the unplanned life

Thoughts, advice & inspiration from Steve McCurry

The scientific cure for hangovers

Happy weekend, everyone! xo

Something for the weekend

Not much makes me wish I was a man (read: nothing) but this just might (also: the world’s best father)

My favourite animal in the world (well, and giraffes. I fed one in Kenya — converted me to giraffism for life)

Shit my spirit says

[video] Thank you for sucking at loving me (sweary, so don’t watch at work)

Celebrating six pioneering women in science

Lisa and Sarah have just visited Iceland (more here and here), convincing me I NEED to go there next year (also this and this)

Famous writers’ writing sheds

Are you positively addicted?

Instant: The Story of Polaroid (yay Christopher!)

Kale salad with roasted squash | quinoa & kale patties | peanut butter & honey milkshake

If you’re in the UK, please consider signing this petition. Because this is the 21st century and enough is enough

Finding peace with uncertainty

Have you met Tanya? She’s the real deal. I may have even mentioned that before (because she really is). Check out her pay-what-you-can day to celebrate turning 40 (be joining you in 127 days, babe!)

And finally, this has happened to me too ;-)

Happy weekend, everybody! x