Something for the weekend

Are you hanging by a thread?

The Instagram Socialmatic camera could be a reality!

[video] celebrities read mean tweets

I’ve been really inspired by Sarah Wilson’s travels through Europe recently. She’s single, she’s successful and she seems to really have her head screwed on right. I like her a lot. Finding your life aesthetic.

Sandra Juto’s epic guide to Berlin

Dairy-free lemon creme with oat thyme crumble | summer stuffed patty pans

I’ve heard/read Danielle talk about this before, but it’s worth a reread: What is your purpose for money?

Loving Tiffany’s Big Questions… think i might have to blog my answers, too

My mistake with a vampire

I find synesthesia so fascinating

[video] Impressive self portrait-a-day video

5 lessons learned from a toddler

How to make product collages for your blog

[video] The universe in a nutshell (i LOVE Brain Pickings, which is why I probably link to it each week :)

Happy weekend, everybody! xo

Something for the weekend

In defense of single people

The conditions of unconditional love

Now I’ve been to the top of the Rock, I want to see this documentary

Famous authors share their wisdom about writing (though it’s a shame there aren’t more women represented!)

Loving Lisa Congdon’s new (and first!) font

Huge congrats to Beth and her team for the new Moyo online magazine

Quinoa salad with lemon-tahini dressing | green gazpacho

Randi’s ‘Maybe Baby’ conversations are so valuable to those of us who are unsure: “Any leap requires faith.  Faith is trusting that your desires, after having crossed that bridge, will be what you want and need when you are there.  The thing is, you can’t fully know this until you’re there.  Hence: faith.”

Helen Jane’s Solutions for a Painful Internet

This was the soundtrack in my head on the book tour ;-)

Anais Nin on the poetics of New York

The role of intuition in the art of creative badassery

8 reasons why it is not possible to fail

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! xo

Something for the weekend

Anais Nin on life, hand-lettered by Lisa Congdon

Custom fortune cookies | fruit stickers for kids

Electronic bookplates

The coolest family photo ever

Love this so much: modern Marrakesh

First colour image of the Martian landscape — !!

Getting rid of stuff by Martha Beck (love her)

Helen Gurley Brown: feminist hero and unapologetic slut

Quinoa with lentils, mint & feta | fried eggs & edamame | Lulu’s chocolate tartlets “pour tout le monde!”

Patti and John need our help

From Susan Piver: “We are perpetually engaged in a choice between two minds states: we are either bored or entertained. And like a strained muscle that has “forgotten” how to relax, we have forgotten how to relax our minds into a state that is neither bored nor entertained. Meditation reintroduces us to what it means to actually rest our minds in a state of openness, simply at ease.”

Design Sponge’s Grace Bonney on life/work balance

I heart Joy: 16 things to do when you’re bored

Our book on Brain Pickings! (such a clever idea, too)

Sarah Wilson on the lesson that’s changing her life

You are beautiful

No really… you are. xo

Something for the weekend

Look what’s back! And I have so many links to share I’m going to have to reign it in a bit.

So let’s start with some exciting news — you see the lovely-looking magazine above? It’s launching next month and I’m very proud to announce that I’ll be writing a monthly column all about mindfulness and the senses! If you took my Exploring the Senses course in June you’ve already got a clue as to what’s coming, but we’re adding a special twist — the digital version of the magazine will include videos from me (which is so out of my comfort zone, i can’t even tell you ;-) The Simple Things is the sister pubication to Mollie Makes and you can take a peek at the sampler here and subscribe too (UK subscriptions | Europe/USA/rest of world). Doesn’t it look fab? Absolutely my cup of tea.

[video] Maira Kalman on thinking vs feeling

The 100 best films set in NYC (MY fave? Hands down, Desperately Seeking Susan)

Love Steve McCurry’s portraits of people reading

Miniature people living in a world of giant food

Powerful portraits of breast cancer survivors and their scars

Chakra fruit salad | coconut chicken with greens (and the truth about fat)

Living successfully with your creative dreams

I do this too: checking out other women

[geektastic video] Looking at history through Batmobiles

I have some vintage Dansk Kobenstyle cookware so I’m loving that it’s been reissued!

Marilyn Monroe’s unpublished poems

And finally, there are a few places left in the autumn sessions of Unravelling and Blogging from the Heart! I’m so looking forward to diving back into teaching again as it’s been a while and I’ve missed it. Already the groups are filling up with lots of lovely souls — i hope you can join us if this feels like the right time for you. Classes start Monday September 3rd xo