Something for the weekend

This made me cry: Isaac’s live lip-dub proposal (via Andrea)

Beautful abstract photographs

i plan to visit this coffee shop next time i’m in town (and here when I’m back in London in September)

Joan Didion on self-respect

27 dos and don’ts for being a badass woman

I want this to be my life

The true magic of Polaroid | the keychain iPhone charger

Fliqlo clock screensaver

The intervention. from Photobird on 8tracks.

20 things I should have known at 20

The real girl belly project

Teenage girls’ bedrooms

Have you been watching The Conversation? (I still remember Amanda when she was presenting The Word on Channel 4! And now she’s all grown up. With an American accent.)

Wish I’d been there: Manhattanhenge

Some inspiring Weekends Collected

And finally, there’s still time to join Exploring the Senses! The course starts on Tuesday and is completely free for everyone who buys a book. Thank you thank you thank you for buying my book! :)

Something for the weekend

I’m on the mend but still exhausted. SO OVER IT. How are you?

I saw a peacock with a fiery tail

Don’t know if this is real, but I like it: The Instagram socialmatic camera (via Christianne)

My first stop when I land in LA!

The importance of crying in public

Currently obsessed with this body oil: it’s amazing, ladies

My friend, Susan Piver, has just opened a subscription version of her beloved Open Heart Project. It’s $108 a year and in addition to meditation instruction + dharma talks, you get webinars, virtual retreats, a book club, book reviews, members forum, and much more. In Susan’s own words: “It’s meant to help people find a bit of quiet time every day for themselves and to soften those harsh inner voices that impede creativity and, well, everything else…” I so need this! You too?

Recuperation. from Photobird on 8tracks.

15 clever ideas for Instagram photos

New dating technique?

“I thought codpieces and chastity belts went out with the Renaissance, but appaz not.”

Every child is a scientist (in fact, just subscribe to Brain Pickings — it’s a must-read)

The conspiracy of colors

There’s a fab giveaway happening on Ryan’s blog right now: a copy in Instant Love and a restored Polaroid Land camera (!) from lovely Cory at Rare Medium

If you don’t know already know Ryan (he made our trailer for us), you might want to hang out on his blog for a while — he really writes with heart

Have a great weekend, everyone! xo

Something for the weekend

My book has been spotted in Barnes & Noble in the USA. This makes me irrepressibly happy — i’m in a real bookstore :)

Exploding flowers

Breaking news: girls hate PE (describes my experience of physical edication at school perfectly)

“Fail often and fail cheaply” From Seth: How to make money online

Currently reading: Alain de Botton’s new book

“I told you stupid things. Thanks for not listening.”

Have you seen Chris’s fabulous new book, The $100 Startup? My wee biz gets a mention

Loving Amanda Jane’s ‘My Better Half’ series

Maurice Sendak: On life, death and children’s lit

Rachel and her virtual journal

Bacon, egg & leek risotto | Orange blossom sesame cake | Lavender lemonade

9 productivity tricks for procrastinators

And finally, i was going to make a mixtape but have been hit with a virus so this post is not going to be finished now (i started it yesterday, before i was hit over the head with a cartoon mallet and now i can’t get off the sofa. Isn’t it nuts how fast these things take us out? Geez.)

Enjoy your weekend! Enjoy your health!!

Something for the weekend

Haven’t been on the internet so much this week (which is a good thing) but the music never stops playing

Very funny… 28 Days Late made me cry with laughter (via Jo)

How Shakespeare changed everything

On a clear day you can see forever (via Hannah)

Bit obsessed with Ze Frank at the moment

Ditto dating blogs: one | two | three

There’s going to be a supermoon tonight

Things I’m afraid to tell you — lots of bloggers telling the truth = LOVE!

What would your bigness do?

Slowly unravel. from Photobird on 8tracks.