Something for the weekend

Noah and I were splashing in muddy puddles yesterday. We had the BEST TIME EVAH

Loving Jeska’s February matchbox challenge

This turns my brain inside out

You remember Jo’s lovely guest post from last year? She’s made a Creative Licence!

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The Apollo 11 rocket made out of Lego

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Predictions of what 2011 would be like by a newspaper in 1911

[video] How to deal with copycats from Marie Forleo

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Hanging out for the new 3191

And finally, Guerilla gardening with the Pothole Gardener

Enjoy! xo

How to make dreams come true

Is there anything better than a brand new notebook? I love the smell of the blank paper, the feel of the cover in my hand, the promise of all the ideas I’m going to catch and keep. Whenever I start a new project I like to treat myself to a new notebook (any excuse!) as a way to mark the beginning — I did this with my book and now have a battered Moleskine full of all the threads I wove together.

I use an A5 Filofax (an ochre Malden, for all you Filofanatics out there) for all my business notes as I like the flexibility the loose pages and dividers give me. I’ve tried using online calenders and note-catchers, but nothing beats paper and pen for fast notes and brainstorming — it just suits my brain better.

So it was at the end of last year when it occured to be me that I could use a similar system for my dreaming & scheming. I’ve taken one of Andrea Schroeder’s journalling courses and have always admired her daily journalling, and while I don’t have any painterly talents, i do like to get my crafty on once in a while. So I turned my spare A5 Filofax (aqua Finsbury) into my Creative Dream Journal. And by “creative dream journal” I mean the stuff I want to manifest and make happen. Because to do lists are how I organise my daily tasks, so why not try a to do journal?

It could work, right?

There are currently six sections I’m working with: Life, Love, Business, Home, Abundance and 2012. Rather than be too precious about it, I’m sticking in magazine tearings, using lots of coloured paper and blinging it all out with washi tape and Sharpies. I’ve also recently discovered the joys of blank paper. I always use lined Moleskines for journalling — there’s something about the orderliness of the lines that keeps my scrawly handwriting in check and helps the words flow — but in my CDJ i’m using coloured pens on blank paper and it seems to access a part of my brain that’s been wanting to play for a while. I’ve been yearning for COLOUR! and scribbles! and messy mindmaps!

(I’m sure all you creative journallers out there are nodding your heads, but it took me a while to figure all this out ;)

I work in each section when I have something to add — sometimes that’s daily, sometimes it’s weekly, but either way, having a turquoise binder near me helps to jog my memory. It feels like i’m more actively participating in my dream creation/wish fulfillment/possibility attraction.

The 2012 section has been well-thumbed as i work through my Unravelling workbook and sketch out plans for the new year. Life has a driving instructor’s card taped in as i plan to retake my test this year. Love is filling up with lists and letters. Home holds all the plans for my next move, including the adoption of a kitty.

Business is my space for dreaming up new ways to send my work out into the world. I’ve also been doing the Business Soul Sessions exercises in here and enjoying looking at my biz from different angles (including imagining my biz as a person, above.)

Meanwhile, I’m unpicking my ideas around income, relationships, possibility and the future in the Abundance section. This is curently the least used section of my CDJ — even though I whole-heartedly believe in abundance, I still struggle with it, if that makes sense, so i knew I needed to give it some space. Or perhaps it will be absorbed into the other sections — this is why using a Filofax (or any binder) works so well. It’s a perpetual work in progress that can be added to and edited as the whim takes me. It’s never finished, unlike a bound notebook. There’s something incredibly satisfying about working on all my plans in this way, and being able to reorder pages is helping me reorder my world too.

So there you have it. Operation Make Dreams Happen is a go.

How do you organise your dreaming and scheming?

Something for the weekend

A shorter SFTW this week as I’ve been trying to spend less time on the interwebs and more time brainstorming in my journal… so far, so good!

Currently obsessed with Amanda Marsalis’ daily Polaroids

Loving this desktop wallpaper from Fossil (and this one too)

Good stuff from Charlie: How to deal with copycats and idea thieves

Have you seen A Year with Myself?

I can’t tell you how much I want to see Moonrise Kingdom

I shared a poem over on Words Dance this week

Mmmm… winter salads (and breakfast salad)

i love this rug

This made me look twice

You become what you believe, with Oprah & Cheryl

Been finding lots of new blog candy thanks to Rachel’s Blogs to Bookmark posts

[video] “Even though I ate a piece of cheese today I totally love and accept myself”

And finally, I’ve nailed down the dates for my spring classes, including the inaugural session of Blogging from the Heart! Registration for BFTH opens Sunday February 5th xo

Something for the weekend

Christine’s beautiful book, Desire to Inspire, arrived this week. So much beauty and wisdom!

The Kitten Covers (my faves)

How to make a time capsule

[video] so inspiring: one girl’s solo hike across Iceland

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[even more video!] Oh, the Places You’ll Go :: We were wanderers on a prehistoric earth

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