Something for the weekend

Christine’s beautiful book, Desire to Inspire, arrived this week. So much beauty and wisdom!

The Kitten Covers (my faves)

How to make a time capsule

[video] so inspiring: one girl’s solo hike across Iceland

New blog finds I’m checking out: Remedial Eating :: Positively Positive :: I Loved New York

Joan Didion’s packing list (via Heidi)

100 cameras

In case you don’t have these: 9 essential books on reading & writing

I want to live here

[video] Ira Glass on storyteling

How do I know if it’s my inner critic or just realistic thinking? (also check out Playing Big)

[video] The Joy of Books

London, empty

The joy of being alone

Loving this eco iPad stand and night light

[video] Resurrecting creativity (via Pam)

The best of 2011 on 99%

Jonathan Fields continues to inspire me

48 things to be grateful for when you need to shift your focus

[even more video!] Oh, the Places You’ll Go :: We were wanderers on a prehistoric earth

Enjoy! xo

Something for the weekend

I can’t believe it’s the end of the first week of January already — where does the time go? Had a lovely lunch with Clare of Women in Business and Stevie and Three fame on Wednesday — we laughed so much my cheeks were aching for the rest of the day. She also has great taste in nail polish.

The Unicorn Name Generator (I’m Bluebell Golden Ears, obviously)

Woody Guthrie’s new year resolution list circa 1942

[video] This made me giggle: the wooden spoon prank

The Good List

Love this peek into Courtney Love’s townhouse (via Gala)

Man soap: Blackbird soap inspired by volcano ash

These are fascinating: portraits of identical twins

Fernanda inspires me

This is what happens when you give thousands of stickers to thousands of kids

Kelly Rae and Beth’s course, The Business Soul Sessions, starts on the 16th — a few people have emailed to ask if I think it’s worth doing (i’m a contributor), and my answer is yes. Both women know their biz shizzle and are successful at what they do, plus you have perspectives on both USA and UK business as well as some great contributors ;) If i was just starting out with my biz I’d do this course — it’s a good investment (tax deductible!) and their philosophy mirrors my own.

Speaking of business, check out Jonathan’s 2012 Business Catalyst Awards

What books will become (maybe)

Shaun of the Dead lego!

Michelle’s juicing video is adorable (i’m being very good with my juices right now… how long this will last i don’t know ;)

[video] The Art of Bread Making (this is mesmerising)

This looks interesting: Unstuck app

[video] I’m converted! How to meditate with Richard freakin Gere

The cartoon character colour wheel

And finally, it’s been such a joy to read about what makes you guys magical! It’s a shame to close the giveaway as i’ve loved reading the new comments that have been coming in each day. But it is now closed and the (chosen at random) winner is…. Melanie Tinken! Email coming your way, Mel!

Have a great weekend, everybody! xo

Hello 2012

I went to bed last night with a knot of excitement in my stomach. I’d had one of the most mindful New Year’s Eves in recent memory — after a decade of partying with a boyfriend who liked to do something major on NYE, I’ve come to appreciate the quieter celebrations of a decadent home-cooked dinner, a candle-lit bath to wash the old year away and freshly-laundered sheets on the bed. Candles were lit and intentions were journalled and then read aloud at midnight. It was pretty powerful stuff. So I guess it was inevitable I’d wake up with an expectation hangover — waking to a grey rainy morning after some surprisingly bad dreams.

But then I met Noah and his parents for our now customary New Year lunch in town, and returned home with a smile on my face, my perspective restored. After talking through some of my plans with my sister I remembered I’m playing the long game this year. I want to cultivate patience and take things at a steady pace rather than my usual race-panic-disappointment. So this evening, as I fill out the last pages of my workbook, I’m viewing the new year as a blank canvas, one that’s ready to be filled with the shapes and colours of my choosing.

Because I really do believe that everything is possible this year.

So with that in mind I’ve made some new desktop wallpaper* for my laptop — I thought you might like it too…

Small: 1024×768
Medium: 1280×1024
Large: 1600×1200
Extra wide: 1920×1200

* The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright, etc etc :)

Something for the (Christmas!) weekend

The Ultimate song map

[video] Loved hearing more about Lisa Congdon’s life & work

Some of these are amazing: 50 best photos from the natural world (also this sculpture)

1000 lives in 100 words

Magical Hiro’s Deva Cards

[videos] Susan alternative to New Year’s resolutions: part one :: part two

Suddenly i find myself wanting to work for Google

Plot your Life Balance compass for 2012

[meditations] a winter meditation from Jamie

How to make pretty bokeh in your photos

Holiday bingo from Rachel

Have it be easy

7 questions to ask when you’re not sure who you’re becoming

[video] fascinating stuff: Networked society ‘on the brink’

[podcasts] How she really does it with Pam Slim :: Brene Brown :: Fabeku

Elsie has the best closet EVER

Loving Gwyneth’s City Guides app (London coming soon!)

And finally, I wish you all a sparkling merry Christmas and a weekend full of delights! I’ll be back here next week with evidence of my nephew’s costume… IF we can get it on him :) Lots of love to you all! xxxx