Something for the weekend

I enjoy shooting with my analogue cameras, digital cameras and my iPhone equally — it’s all about creating images and recording moments for me — so when Annie Leibovitz pulled out her iPhone I gave a whooop of joy. Decades of photographic snobbery crumbling right there!

[video] this is why I love Miranda July: A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted

These body mosaics are amazing (and check out these collages)

[video] this stop-motion video made from jelly beans reminds me of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer (still the best!)

Loved Jamie’s post about how she planned the year ahead (related: Clare’s tips for creating a one-page biz plan)

[more video!] Foxes jumping on a trampoline (via Angie)

Want! Vintage cameras turned into nightlights

I am loving this 404 error page

These are impressive, and a little creepy: Back to the future II

Also impressive: the 24-hour Flickr mountain

Melody Miller fabric

Bought this lovely fabric (above) to make some cushions and then discovered the fabric’s super-talented designer follows me on Twitter — i mean, what are the odds? So everybody, meet Melody Miller. Melody, meet everybody!

How about this place for a magical getaway?

The perfect Christmas present for the man in your life: Beard hats!

Van life

So pleased with my leather iPad cover! Would make a great pressie

Thinking about making an Instagram calender

Currently burning this gorgeous scented candle

[music] Call Your Girfriend a cappella

Lego jelly moulds

And finally, I saved the best video for last: Marcel the Shell with shoes on is back!

Enjoy! xo

Something for the weekend

I went to bed on Tuesday feeling weird and promptly woke up the next morning with some sorta illness that doesn’t have a name — it’s a mash-up of the flu, tonsillitis and a migraine. FUN! I’m off to the doctor’s in an hour to see if she can do anything for me. However, I am so committed to my Friday posts there was no way I was going to let this one go by…. plus it’s 11/11/11, so consider this your little reminder to make a wish :)

[video] This incredible video has been everywhere and for good reason

Loving Jen Causey’s new calender

Such a simple and sweet idea: the Twitter Key Project

Incredible shots of clouds at 20,000 feet

“I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants, learning as I go. It’s frightening, really. But it’s fantastic.”

[video] This cheered me up (via jennifer)

A lust for life (via Katie)

So cute! Dinner plate landscapes

Film photography crash course

Loving Shanna & Nikole’s desktop wallpaper

I heart Studio Morran (see also: my interview with Morran’s mum)

Have you seen Kelly Rae and Beth’s new soulful biz course? I’ll be sharing my tips on how to make awesome e-courses in week seven

If, like me, you find ads on the internet annoying, check this out (via keri)

[music] a beautiful song

And finally, i’m back from the doctor with a jar of penicillin and a House season six box set. That should sort me out. Be well everyone! xo

Something for the weekend

I don’t really know how to look after myself. I mean, I try, don’t get me wrong, but these days I seem to be turning into a workaholic. I’m just so flippin’ passionate about what I do i don’t want to slow down. So I’m trying to learn the art of time management — how to work more efficiently so I a) get more done and b) can eek out some down time too. So in the interests of self-care I’m sharing a short SFTW today so I can finish my work in time to catch a train to see my nephew. Two days with Blondie Bear should be enough to reboot my brain ready to get back to my desk on Monday. Boo yah!

Have you seen Amy’s delicious new offering?

Jen’s daughter is my new fashion icon (speaking of Jen, she’s food blogging again!)

Mona Simpson’s beautiful eulogy for her brother Steve Jobs made me cry

Very tempted to get one of these made

Messages from the universe: read this and this on the same day…

Alice Temperley is collaborating with Filofax!

Love these vintage covers for The Phantom Tollbooth

These fan portraits are inspired (warning: music might start playing, so mute if you’re in the office ;)

[Podcast] 5 inspiring things to learn about writing from Kate Grenville

iPad card readers!

Plan to make butternut squash risotto with lemon & pistachios next week (and maybe apple, pomegranate & brussels sprout salad too)

And finally, how so you practice self care? What do you do just for you? And if, like me, you find it hard to do…. do you want to join me in trying to learn how to do it? xo

Something for the weekend

This is my 20th Something for the weekend :) If you ever want to refer back to the others they are saved under the ‘inspiration‘ category over there in the sidebar —-> (hint: it’s in the I write about list)

This is my new mantra (see also: this and this )

Robert Downey Jr’s is my favourite

Finding strength in gentleness

[Video] Jen Louden & Brene Brown in conversation!

I love foxes the best

Want to sleep in a spaceship? — !!

I like Camilla’s candy

About to download this journal app

Jennifer Collier’s paper creations

Squash, apple & quinoa crumble :: butternut squash roasted with sage & coconut

This is epic: 106 excuses that prevent you from ever becoming great

Tarkovsky’s Polaroids ( i have this book and it’s lovely)

To know your true value (ironically followed by: the $100 milllion productivity tip)

Lipbalm + Christmas flavours = win

This is why Susan is my guru

Be sure to check out Lisa’s new Sway project

I’m thinking it’s unlikely i’ll score one of these on eBay: Golden Cartier Polaroid cameras

Photographer’s mittens!

Crunchy Betty’s top 10 remedies for everything

And finally, a little bird tells me that registration for the Creative Joy retreat will be opening next week — first dibs go to the mailing list, so if you’d like to join me, Jen Louden and Marianne Elliott next June for five days of inspiration, rejuvenation and JOY, hop on the mailing list now :)

EnJOY! xo