Something for the weekend

I’m so glad you guys like these posts because i LOVE putting them together!

[Video] this is really important: The Story of Stuff

The God of Cake

Ninja bread men :: Raw pumpkin spice cookies :: Chocolate nut balls

Made me smile: Flick Chicks

This is why I love my mate Sas

From Britain With Love

Loving all these letterheads

Amazing sand sculpture!

Oh boy, I really wish I had a camper van

What I learned from Steve Jobs

These are incredible (also: love this photo)

I’ve signed up for Andrea’s new journalling course!

I pretty much want everything from this shop

If this then that (via Colleen)

It was bound to happen: my Filofax fetish

How to deal with uncomfortable feelings (and create positive ones)

Reason to move to Portland no 14: Poetry posts (via Kelly)

Some people are so talented it makes my head explode

[E-book] The Shy Photographer’s Guide to Confidence (it’s free)

And finally, the more I watch this, the funnier it gets

Enjoy! xo

Something for the weekend

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the book cover and all your pre-orders! I felt ridiculously nervous about sharing it, so your kindness and enthusiasm was such a joy to receive ~ thank you thank you thank YOU!

Now for some linkie goodness…

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking at The World’s Biggest Summit — my very first podcast! The subject is Blogging From The Heart and it’ll give you a taster of my guidebook (coming early next year.) Also featured tomorrow is lovely Rebecca Leigh and… drumroll please… Leonie’s interview with Julia Cameron! So sign up for free today — you’ll be able to access all the other interviews/podcasts/videos too.

“You taste like punishment”

Steve Jobs’ hero was Edwin Land, the man who invented Polaroid cameras = my two favourite geniuses. I think the SX-70 and the iPhone are comparable in their brilliance.

I’m obsessed with butternut squash at the moment:: risotto :: crusted butternut squash

First ever Renegade Craft Fair in London

From sweet Jenny Bee: 6 fool-proof ways to make a difference

[VIDEO] “You can’t get to wonderful without passing through alright” (via Michael)

Do you know Amy? The four hungers that drive you

The 2012 Poladarium is a must-have (and these Kindle covers)

[DIY] Washi tape wrapping paper

Digging into Eric’s wonderful new (and free) book: 50 ways to Leave Your Karma (see also his interviews here and here)

Can’t wait to give this a try: how to make your own solid perfume

This video turned me into a Katy Perry fan. No really.

Okay, if that’s not your cup of tea, check out this fabulous music Looks like the tracks have been removed. Bummer. Try this instead

10 things you didn’t know about light & 10 ways to show yourself some love

I love it when famous people write their own blog posts — and write it from the heart

You can call me a geek if you like (it would be true) but how fantastic does this film look? RDJ + Thor = WIN

Loving these photos of Paul & Joanne (via Gala) and these post-apocalypic zombie-slaying family pics are inspired

Have you seen Marisa’s lovely new fabric?

And finally, registration for my first ever Photo Meditations class opens TOMORROW at 9am BST for aussies/kiwis/that side of the world and 4pm BST/11 EDT/8PDT for everyone else. I hope you can join me :)

Enjoy! xo

Something for the weekend

This week I discovered Found (above and below), the stationery mothership in Bath

Why writers should meditate

I love how Brian captured the light of the Indian summer

[Video] Pam’s take on the perils of  ‘compare and despair’ really spoke to me this week

Sinking into autumn with spiced apple cider and red wine chocolate cake (also: pear & almond chocolate cake with cider glaze FTW!)

This series of photos enchanted me (via Photo Jojo)

Have you seen Jane’s inspired new offfering?

6 So-Called Rules for the Creative Badass Woman

I love Ada’s outfit!

I didn’t want to love it, but the new iPhone 4S is tempting me ;)

Put your passwords on speed dial (via Patti)

How to Read More: A Lover’s Guide

Loving Alicia’s new series of photos, and Mia’s Polaroids always touch my heart (also: these and these)

This is so cool! (via Chris)

I want to go fragrance shopping in NYC

Bookshelf p0rn (via Bea)

I want one of these quilts so badly it hurts

Learning to Take Up the Space You Deserve

I was interviewed over on this week

And finally, this blog makes me chuckle

Enjoy! xo

In need of some crafty relief

I needed some new dividers in my business Filofax. I call it my business Filofax because apart from holding my diary and all my notes for different projects, it makes me feel more business-like. I treated myself to an afternoon working in a cafe last week, pretending to be all location independent. But the truth is I work better when I’m at home, where I’m surrounded by the things that keep me anchored in my life. Where it’s quiet. But once in a while it’s good to get out there, and without the distraction of the internet i got two hours of work done alongside a very sweet mocha and a slice of apple cake.

But I digress.

A while back I invested in a metal hole-punch from Filofax. It cost far more than I wanted to spend on such an item, but it’s proved to be invaluable — I have a tendency to make notes on random bits of paper so being able to punch holes in them and file them in my Filofax is so helpful. It’s the little things, non? I do my serious writing in Scrivener and use Evernote obsessively (so good!), but nothing can beat a bit of paper and a pen. Nothing.

So with the aforementioned hole-punch in one hand and a pile of papers in the other I made some new dividers. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to play with glue and scissors! On one I stuck lines from a poem I had written, and on the other a poem by Carol Ann Duffy. I tried not to be too perfectionist about it and just paired up paper that seemed to go well together.

My business Filofax is now looking decidedly more crafty… and I really like it.