~ a little hello ~

Bistro_tables[This is Bath; i left my plug adaptor and USB lead at home like an idiot!]

The day before my flight i had the beginnings of a cold and now, on my
second day in this beautiful European-flavoured city, i am a mess of
blocked sinuses and used tissues. Yesterday i walked around Jeanine's
neighbourhood, snapping a few Polaroids and foraging for coffee and
books; as i currently have only two working senses, i'm fascinated by how
we usually interact with a new place. I have no sense of taste or
smell, so i can't tell you what the food is like, or what the streets
smell of. And, most uncomfortably of all, my ears are blocked, so my
hearing is so impaired i'm walking around feeling like i've a glass
helmet on my head. As my new course is all about the senses I've been
noticing how much more my eyes want to work to compensate for the lack
of anything else – everything is so much bigger and more colourful suddenly. I also now realise how important taste and smell is for making you want to eat (i
have no appetite) and how incredibly inward you become when you
can't hear what people are saying.

What's also interesting is
that despite all these physical discomforts, I feel incredibly
comfortable here. I was a little wary of the language issue,
considering that i don't speak French, but everyone i've met has been
a) bi-lingual and b) so nice it hasn't been a problem; shamefully, my school-girl French is but a distant memory. Right now Jeanine and I are sitting in her favourite cafe, typing away on our laptops while our coffees cool and African beats pump through the speakers attached to the wall. Tomorrow we leave early to drive to Squam, making our way to the border and on through Vermont and New Hampshire; i can't wait to see if the leaves have changed colour, and what the journey has in store for us…

[I've shared a few words and pictures over on This Joy + Ride this week.]

Wish I may



Star light star bright
The first star I see tonight,
Wish I may, wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.

It’s 09-09-09. It’s a day for wishing… I wish for a healthy niece or nephew. I wish for love to find me. I wish for continued growth in my wee business. I wish for a healthy body. I wish for a never-ending supply of Polaroid film. I wish for a wedding day filled with laughter. I wish for a book publishing deal. I wish for a  book-blog tour across Northern America, Europe and down under. I wish for continued unravelling and magic. I wish for connections and friendships. I wish for an easily attained driver’s license. I wish for a year living in California. I wish for a return to London. I wish for a ride in a hot-air balloon. I wish for a holiday by the sea. I wish for the perfect black shirt. I wish for a PA. I wish for hot summers. I wish for another rose cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road. I wish for a world filled with friendly people. I wish to go to Paris and have a perfume made for me. I wish for a dragon tattoo across my back for my 40th birthday. I wish for a Polaroid safari in Morocco. I wish for sciatica-free living.

I wish to find my man.

What do you wish for? Make a list today – I think there’s magic in the air.

~ There’s no place like home ~

Monday is my one-year anniversary of living in Bath; i'll be in London on the actual day but i know i'll be looking forward to getting back to my little flat and cosying in with my metaphorical pipe 'n' slippers. This place really has become my home, both the city with its friendly taxi drivers and extraordinary refuse problem, and this flat with its tired carpet and insect flatmates (seriously – just call me Susannah Doolittle). I feel settled here, i feel held and supported. My dreams are beginning to flourish, and i know that it was my leap last year that has made it all possible. I hoped for more, for a bigger life, but i didn't expect of all this… I truly hope that this is just the beginning. I'm feeling more able to make space in my inner cupboards now, so there's room for a partner-in-crime in my world… i think it could be fun. I'm ready for some fun.





1. Sam Roddick's living room; 2. colourful rooms from Family Living (via Desire to Inspire); 3. Lisa Congdon's kitchen (via Apartment Therapy); 4. via Living Etc; 5. photo by Annika Vannerus (via Emmas designblogg); 6. the perfect workspace (via Emmas designblogg)