~ The cupcake of happiness ~

Happycupcakes Ingredients: (serves one)

The first warm breeze of the year
A free afternoon
A Bath street
A good hair day
One iPod
Several uplifting songs, on repeat
No need for a coat
Good health
One skinny caramel latte

Mix all ingredients while walking down the street; feel an almost euphoric sense of the wonder of being alive on this day; realise that you need nothing more in this moment than the warm breeze spinning around you like love. Next whisk in a deep appreciation for the great mysteries of life, such as how a person can survive a tragic event and learn so much about herself. Allow the mix to rise as you continue walking, basking in the warmth of the sunlight. Become aware of the butterfly in your chest, flapping wings of anticipation, that good things are coming, that it is possible to achieve your dreams if you put in the hard work and dedication. Stop walking for a moment and realise – really realise – that you are the happiest you’ve been in as long as you can remember, that you are not yearning for a love, past or future, that you are not wishing life would be different; realise that you are the most okay you have ever been, standing on a Bath street, creating the cupcake of happiness.