Notes on writing your first book #1

Sometimes i write myself into a corner and can’t seem to get out.
Sometimes there are holes in the text, and when i hold it up to the light it looks like it’s been attacked by moths.
Sometimes i write a whole page and every sentence is accompanied by the ‘who’s going to want to read this crap?’ song.
Sometimes I write something and i know it’s not the whole truth, i know i’m holding back for fear of being judged.
Sometimes I have to let that fear go and write what is really in my heart.
Sometimes I wish i could put the occasional emoticon in my sentences ;-)
Sometimes I wonder if it will be good enough for my editor.
Sometimes I wonder if it will be good enough for me.
Sometimes I get scared that people will laugh at me when they read my book, and not in a good way.
Sometimes I wonder at the wisdom of sharing some of the truths I’m sharing.
Sometimes I need to just open the document and keep writing.

Wobble’s first shoes!

Wobble got fitted for his first pair of shoes today! Our little man is growing up so fast — yesterday we Skyped and he *waved* *clapped* and blew me a kiss. He wasn’t doing any of that at Christmas — they change so fast, eh? I’ve told his mummy that as soon as my book is finished I will be moving in with them for a whole week of Wobble love :)

Ps. He now has three teeth!

[photo by his mummy]

My small world

Eight days of solid editing.
Every time i took a break I also took a picture.
My world is very small right now —
One room, in fact.
I had to work hard to make it look interesting.
V. good practice.
My iPhone is currently
my best friend.
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