A dusty love affair

We are so lucky to live in a time where time travel is possible… and I say time because I have been away for a week but it feels more like three months. I’ve returned with 100 Polaroids, hundreds of iPhone snaps, copious amounts of jewellery, pottery and silverware from the souks and a deepened dusty love for Morocco. I’ve got some serious processing to do — both photographic and emotional — so for now here’s a little peek at some of the sights I saw last week…

Getting away from it all

Eight women, three nights, one cottage, a lot of coffee, a reiki room, an incredible fox sighting, many bags of vegetables to be juiced, a surprise visit from a Blondie Bear, a few tears, a roaring fire, plenty of crumpets and chocolate, and a heck of a lot of raucous laughter. Thank you Sas, Jo, Megg, Lisa, Leonie, Penny and Emma. xo

[Photo of the magical fox by Penny – he sat in the sun and then sauntered right past us. We couldn’t believe it.]

Be back soon

There are some weeks i wish i could hang a ‘be back soon’ sign on the door of my blog, so that all the souls who pass by would know that there’s good stuff a’brewing in the radio silence. Photo Meditations is taking its first wobbly steps into the world! x