‘Unravelling #1 totally surpassed my expectations. I did not at all expect to: de-clutter my house, reconnect with old friends, resurrect my sewing machine, redecorate, take a trip down memory lane, meet new friends, learn about new books blogs music, and come to love myself more. The seemingly simple exercises in this course – each week taking photos and writing around a theme – worked some kind of soothing and enlivening soul magic on me. I feel very encouraged, stronger in myself, and more sure of my gifts, roles, and goals for this period of my life. I feel so very lucky to be living this life of mine, and feel emboldened to take the next steps. Thank you, Susannah, for your gentle leadership and wisdom, and for your courage to offer this incredible course.’ ~ Rebecca

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A lunch date at Jamie’s

Registration for the autumn Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self class is now OPEN! :D

‘I can’t tell you what amazing things have happened to me since i began your course. I had heard about it for a while but didn’t think I deserved it, wasn’t worthy blah blah blah… then because I follow you on Twitter I saw you saying that you’d opened registration for the spring course and I just stampeded in to sign up… God, I am glad I did. I had insight after insight, each exercise revealing something deep and precious and true and it has made me stand straighter in my skin than anything i have done before. I am also smiling when I see myself in a mirror — and that is saying something — I truly never used to look at myself in a mirror at all… and now, with the loving words of the people on the course and the surprising finding that I could see something beautiful in my photos, I actually consider a bit of a sashay when I walk through town. I am not hiding and that is a damn good thing. Your honesty, humour and grace are lovely and I am glad glad glad I stampeded to your door.’ ~ Jane

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