~ The swan song ~


It's this beautiful milky light that gets me every time, the way the film makes everything soft and nostalgic without me even trying to do anything clever. There are certain scenes that lend themselves well to a Polaroid picture: flowers, babies, sunlit rooms, cupcakes, vintage anything. I keep thinking back to Amanda's post about magical girls and chuckling, while trawling eBay for vintage typewriters and knackered porcelain, natch. In my travels around the internet i happened across some Polaroid porn the other day (the naked people kind, not the photos-of-cameras kind – don't ask) and even that looked charming and whimsical. I love that as Polaroid film breathes its last breath it's enjoying such a renaissance, on the internet at least. Magical and lovely, I will miss it so.

1. Untitled, 2. Untitled (not a 'roid but i like it), 3. more bathtime fun, 4. Geesche

~ My favourite favorites ~

Aliciame[Alicia & me]

Every Monday I wake up more excited than on any other morning; before I've even put the kettle on or washed my face I am sitting at the computer, checking my email to see what Alicia has sent me overnight. We never discuss our pictures beforehand; she simply sends me her Polaroid shot for the week and I pair it with the shot i have sitting on my desktop, ready to go. When I asked Alicia if she'd like to work on a little collaboration with me, I had no idea that this would turn into such an enjoyable project. This morning I still had my thrill, as I opened her email to discover a shot of Lake Michigan, the perfect companion to my polka dot mug holding my daily hot water with lemon. We'd both been drawn to water; two blondes, two Polaroid lovers; two more of our Favorite Things. Today I wanted to share my favourite favorites.. so far.