My small world

Eight days of solid editing.
Every time i took a break I also took a picture.
My world is very small right now —
One room, in fact.
I had to work hard to make it look interesting.
V. good practice.
My iPhone is currently
my best friend.
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Doorways to somewhere

This week I’m editing our Polaroid book; next week it’s back to my own manuscript. There are a heck of a lot of words flowing out of my fingertips these days; if i’m lucky some of them will be good. My blogging is going to be light for the next two months as i birth these book babies, but i’ll still be popping by for a tiny hello. I miss my blog when i’m away from it for too long. I miss you guys!

I’m currently being sustained by my iPhone, of all things — the Instagram app has been a revelation and I’m loving sharing snippets of my day there. And a little project has grown out of my sharings — Bath doors. Every time i go into town i shoot a door that catches my eye and share it on Instagram and Twitter. Nothing too serious, nothing too taxing, but a welcome visual break from all these words…

So tell me, are you enjoying 2011 so far? x

[all photos shot with my iPhone 4 and ‘edited’ (if you can call it that :) with the Instagram app]