Looking back

It’s Polaroid Week this week, a time when a bunch of instant film addicts enthusiasts share their love of the good stuff on Flickr. To mark the occasion I’ll be sharing some more of the Polaroids I shot while I was away. I’m down to my last packs of original Polaroid film so it’s bittersweet, my friends. Bittersweet. *sigh*

Today’s shots were taken in lovely Vancouver. I could so see myself living there one day (note: i said this about every city I visited. But they were all so great!)

My New York

I’m home now, scanning Polaroids, washing clothes and trying to find my way back into my normal routine. It’s very clear to me that I’ve returned home a changed woman, with plans and intentions that no longer fit my life here in Bath. I no longer fit here. And I had a feeling this would happen, but it’s gone far deeper than I’d ever imagined. I’ve got a lot of processing and preparation to do — the jet lag is not helping, oh my — so I’ll be back soon with more musings, including thoughts on the carry-on experiment which was a resounding success and, quite frankly, life-changing :)

For now, glimpses of my New York shot on B&W Impossible Project film…