New film, new possibilities

This week I took some time out to test the latest colour film from the Impossible Project, and as you can see, it’s not too shabby! Their PX680 film is designed for 600 and 680 cameras, but I tested it in my SX-70 and it responded very much like the original Polaroid 600 film. The guys at TIP say the white speckles will be gone in the final version of the film, although i personally find them rather charming. The colours are SO MUCH better than the previous films they’ve produced. The team have made such incredible progress in just a year, it makes me excited to see where they’ll be in 2012 when our Polaroid book comes out — can you imagine it? You’ll be able to buy the book AND invest in a couple of packs of really fantastic TIP film to practice with! Jen, Amanda and I have been toying with the idea of leading a Polaroid retreat next year — would anyone be interested in joining us for that? We’d hold it somewhere lovely (thinking USA or Morocco) and we’d share how we take our shots and practice the art of Polaroid photography — it’ll be like the book coming to life before your very eyes. ;)

And then he was one

Can you believe it?
We had such a wonderful birthday weekend for our little man, it was really hard coming home this morning.
REALLY hard.
We don’t call him Wobble anymore — he really is Noah, now. He’s becoming his own little man.
He loves broccoli and carrots, and feeding himself, and he especially loves his Nana.
Yesterday morning we were playing in the living room when he took his first steps to me, and i swear, my heart exploded with pride, right there, as I sat on the floor and he collapsed into my lap, laughing his head off.
These are the best days.
The best.

Instant Love

It just occurred to me, as I’m adding the finishing touches to my own manuscript (one week to go!), that I haven’t told you the latest on our Polaroid book — we are in the design stage and we have a title!

Instant Love: How to Make Magic and Memories with Polaroids

You like? :)

It starts here

Today is an auspicious day — Jen, Amanda and I are sending the completed manuscript to our editor at Chronicle Books. Two hundred Polaroids and 30,000 words of Polaroid-y goodness – DONE. The edits and design will come next, but for now, it’s really satisfying to know we have made it this far!

Which of course means that from today I have one month left to finish my other book, the one penned by me alone. And I’m feelin’ the pressure, my friends–hoo boy! Sas sent me this link the other day when i was feeling particularly overwhelmed, and now, whenever i feel the pressure rising, I tell myself to just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming