Day four

My mantlepiece, shot with my new SX-70 camera to check it works okay (seems to) with a very old pack of SX-70 blend film. For the August break

Things learned in the last 48 hours:

Just because a publisher is willing to publish your book and has given you an actual contract and deadline does not mean you will feel any more confident about a) your writing abilities, b) your ability to finish a whole book worthy of publication and c) your own worthiness. Hello Maud, I was wondering when you’d show up.

Mr Wobble Head

I’ve just got back home from a weekend with my sister and Mr Wobble Head, as i now call him, and oh my god, it is SO hard to be away from them. I just want to be cuddling him again and sniffing the top of his head…. I honestly don’t have words to describe how amazing that little sprout is.

Pencils & Polaroids

I have some thrillingly good news to share! I’ve been working on a secret project with my Polaroid-shooting sisters, Jenifer Altman and Amanda Gilligan, and can finally announce that we’ve accepted a contract with Chronicle Books to write & shoot a how-to book about instant photography. It’s been a few months in the making, and now we have the green light we’re going to get cracking! We’re all beyond excited about it and can’t wait to share it with you; it won’t be out till Spring 2012, which feels aaaages away but I know it’ll be fun to share some of the journey as we create a book I hope you’ll love. It’s going to be beautiful – I’m mean, have you SEEN the photos these girls take? So honoured to be embarking on this project with them, and with a Brit, Aussie and American in the mix I think we’ve got all angles covered ;)