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Duaflex |
Inspiring post about retreating from Tara

Dr Camella’s Guide to Understanding the Introverted (via Sas)

I’ve shared before, but i’ve just downloaded their app and love it

Katrina’s Photoshop course for beginners looks brilliant!

Why Stephen King spends ‘months and even years’ writing opening sentences

Food Typography

[videos] I’m currently a bit obsessed with online work outs

This father-son conversation (via Karen)

The art of finding your passion in your woundedness — another gem from Justine

[video] I didn’t know it was possible to love him more… and then this (you’re welcome!)

The August Break 2013

Day one

breakfast | the August Break
Ahhh, the August Break, how lovely. No pressure blogging — hurrah! I’ve still got a few posts brewing I’d like to share, but let’s see how it goes…

Loved checking Instagram this morning and finding so many photos hashtagged already (#augustbreak2013) — I can see this is going to be a fun month :)

Happy August Break, everyone! xo

The August Break 2013