~ To keep me warm ~

Blanket3 This is how it works: you see something fabulous on Flickr, send the link to your mum and five weeks later she gives you the most amazing present ever, made by the hands that wiped your nose as a child and applauded your every success. Isn't she clever?! She didn't have a pattern, she just… did it. I don't have a crafty bone in my body, but my mother and sister are both wizzes with needles, fabrics and crochet hooks – they have that inner resevoir of handmade knowledge that means they can whip up a pair of curtains or a laptop sleeve blindfolded. Sewing on buttons is all i can really manage. 

Mum, thank you so much for my blanket – you've made me a heirloom and I'm going to treasure it forever x



My eleventh finger

Ashleyg[Abby’s pressie from me: a custom portrait by Ashley Goldberg]

I’ve known her since the day she was born. I don’t remember much about the first few years, but the memories I do have, from the whole of my life so far, include Abby. Being someone’s big sister is a huge responsibility, something that is thrust upon you whether you want it or not. ‘Look after your sister’ are words you heard often, whether you were walking down the road to school, or sitting watching TV while your mum popped out to the shops. I don’t know if i have always looked after Abby very well; i know there were periods when i was emotionally unavailable to her, wrapped up in my own dramas and too busy looking at my own navel to see my sister reaching out a hand to me. But in recent years we have gotten closer than ever, the roles of ‘big sister’ and ‘little sister’ merging into a friendship, one that has the whole of our lives as its foundation – truly a precious gift. I know i worry too much about her, but that is as normal as breathing is to me; i would give everything i have and everything i am to keep her from harm. Sometimes this means i don’t know where I end and Abby begins, but i am working on giving her space from her over-opinionated, over-protective older sister!

Happy birthday, my sweet beautiful sister. I love you xo


~ Sunday with the BBC* ~


Meg made us scrumptious leek & potato soup, Emma brought home-made scones and strawberry jam, Leonie had chosen the juiciest fruit, Penny and Jo brought loads of fabulous magazines and I trudged through the rain yesterday to collect our Unfolding Your Life Vision Kits from the post office…. and so it was that six bloggers cosied themselves into Meg's sweet cottage and stuffed their faces with food and laughter before taking lots of photos and sculpting their dreams with scissors and glue. Such a lovely day.

* Brit Bloggers Collective.



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