A day in Londontown

What’s the true definition of friendship, you ask? It’s when you go to Londontown with friends to see Martha Beck talk at Earls Court, and when everyone in the room has had their book signed, your mate Sas (unbeknown to you) siddles up to Martha and has a wee little chat, which may have included the words ‘my friend Sus wrote a book‘ while giving her a copy. And the very lovely Martha Beck says: ‘ooh good, I needed something to read on the plane to Africa.’

THAT, friends, is true friendship.

Being two is awesome

His standout list of words/expressions, aged two years and one month:

Mah help? (help me)
Please mummy/please daddy/please shoo-she
Come on mummy
Cup o tee  — he loves tea!
Pe-gin (penguin)
Pappy (nappy)
Nuh nites – going to bed/sleep
Icky yuck
Icky poo poo
I luzz you mummy
Eye luzz you (with sign gestures)
Come on!
Plap plap (clap clap)
One two free – said quickly
Chop chop
All day long – sung
App birth day to shoo
No no (Noah)
Gam-ma (grandma and grandad)
Si down (sit down)
Ready steady go