~ Dream come true ~

I had a really good post planned out in my head that was going to be written in the style of a fairy tale, and talk about this 19-year-old girl who dreamed of visiting a certain city and how she bought a guide book and read it cover to cover and would talk to her friend M about how they'd both live there one day with their respective boyfriends. But time ran away with me, and before i knew it i was leaving the house and in the cab and on the train and in the airport and on the plane and now here i am.

I'm in San Francisco!

It's a trip that's been 17 years in the making. I've brought a LOT of Polaroid film with me but i'm still worried it's not enough. I cracked open a fresh moleskine on the plane and intend to do a lot of journalling, and am hoping to share photos here every day or so. And meet some friends and have lots of coffee. And soak up as much of this city as i can. Despite those teenage dreams i've arrived with my expectations in check – this definitely feels like bit of a soul trip for me, but i am open to whatever happens.

Next Thursday I'm hoping to organise a mini get-together in a cafe somewhere, so if you're nearby come and say hello! I'll be sharing more details on Facebook when i've had a sleep and know where we're meeting.

I can't believe i'm here! I got teary as we flew over the Golden Gate Bridge :)