Wish I may



Star light star bright
The first star I see tonight,
Wish I may, wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.

It’s 09-09-09. It’s a day for wishing… I wish for a healthy niece or nephew. I wish for love to find me. I wish for continued growth in my wee business. I wish for a healthy body. I wish for a never-ending supply of Polaroid film. I wish for a wedding day filled with laughter. I wish for a book publishing deal. I wish for a  book-blog tour across Northern America, Europe and down under. I wish for continued unravelling and magic. I wish for connections and friendships. I wish for an easily attained driver’s license. I wish for a year living in California. I wish for a return to London. I wish for a ride in a hot-air balloon. I wish for a holiday by the sea. I wish for the perfect black shirt. I wish for a PA. I wish for hot summers. I wish for another rose cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road. I wish for a world filled with friendly people. I wish to go to Paris and have a perfume made for me. I wish for a dragon tattoo across my back for my 40th birthday. I wish for a Polaroid safari in Morocco. I wish for sciatica-free living.

I wish to find my man.

What do you wish for? Make a list today – I think there’s magic in the air.

Slow down


I stood before the window, admiring the artwork, camera in hand, sun behind my back. As i began to focus the shot i could see a man walk by me and then linger to my right. 'Is that a Polaroid camera?' he asked, and i sighed a little sigh inside my head and turned to face him.
'Yes it is,' I said, and we launched into a bit of small talk about the age of my camera and how difficult it was to find film for it.
'I'm a photographer,' he said, and as if to prove his words he reached into his bag, pulling out a hefty Nikon DSLR with a huge zoom lens attached.
'Gosh, that's a big one,' i said with a smile.
'Yes,' he said, the innuendo flying over his head and off along the Bath skyline. 'You're going to get your reflection in the shot.'
'That's the plan,' I said, returning to my focussing.
'I don't think i could avoid it even with this camera,' he continued, pointing his vast lens towards the window. I could hear the autofocus beeping. He took six or seven shots in quick succession and then peered into the screen on the back of his camera. 'Nope, it doesn't work.'
I pressed the shutter button once and turned to give him the international sign for please leave me alone now: a polite smile and raised eyebrows. As i stood with my Polaroid developing in my hands, he took the hint and carried on his way, big camera in hand.

I looked down at my photograph and saw exactly what i'd seen through the lens: not the best picture i'd ever taken, but the reflection was just as I'd wanted it. Sometimes you just have to slow down and look with fresh eyes.

Link: The Impossible Project on the BBC website (the video clip explains how Polaroid film works)

~ Being visible ~

Something really unexpected happened yesterday. Abby and I were in town; we'd had lunch out and were perusing the high street, drawn to shops with air conditioning (it was insanely hot yesterday). As we were nearing home time and starting to flag, we popped into one last shop for a last-minute present, and to try on a few of the dresses that were on sale. We were helped by a lovely young woman, who was wearing the most fabulous top (from here; i asked her). On our way out we paid, did our usual sister-comedy routine at the till when we realised we'd forgotten wrapping paper and a card, so doubled back, chose some, and paid again (are you keeping up?)

It was when we were about to leave that the lovely woman in the fabulous top looked at me and tentatively asked: 'Is your name Susannah?'

'Yes it is,' I said, feeling my face flush a little.

'I read your blog,' she said.

Friends, this has never happened before! I was two parts embarrassed to one part thrilled. It was humbling and weird and lovely, all at once, and completely made my day. We chatted for a bit before Abby and I made our exit, and when I got home i mused on how my word for the year  – visible – has now officially been achieved. Paula, I'm so glad you said hello!

* * * * *

In other news, I've been rather visible on the internet over the last week or so – i know, i know, it's an addiction. You can find me chatting about the creative life over on Create Well… Create Often, and I'm moaning talking about my rainy summer in a guest post for the lovely Stephanie Levy. And if that's not enough, you'll find my final Super 16 column for Paper n Stitch here

Happy Wednesday! and ps. i have a Creative Life interview to share with you tomorrow that i am really excited about……

~ Scents and Sensuality ~

Two things arrived through my door yesterday that have been delighting me for the last 24 hours: my copy of Style Statement and my custom-made perfume from Etsy seller Meredith of Sweet Anthem.

Style Statement was created by Carrie McCarthy (Refined Treasure) and Danielle LaPorte (Sacred Dramatic) as a way to uncover the two words that define and inspire you and your life. i remember discovering their website a while ago and at first glance assuming it was all about style-as-fashion, but I was wrong and it took a group discussion started by Unraveller Hope last week to finally plug me into what this is all about – and I'm hooked! I spent the whole of yesterday afternoon working through the book, answering the questions – some deep, some playful – to figure out what my personal Style Statement is. They work with the 80/20 principle: the first word reflects your inner foundation, your 80%; the second word is your creative edge, your 20%.

I went into this thinking i knew what my SS was likely to be, yet what i ended up with still managed to surprise me. My Style Statement is Creative Sensual and the more i sit with this the more me it feels.

And now I have my two words? The book says: 'Your Style Statement defines your authentic self…. Knowing your Style Statement helps you make empowered decisions – from your wardrobe to your relationships and work. When the spirit and the look and feel of your life are connected to your true nature, you feel at home wherever you are. You walk taller. You think more clearly. And the world responds accordingly.' Your Style Statement can be applied to anything from the foods you eat and exercise you take to a new business card design or the way you begin your day.

What's ringing my bell in particular is that i look around my home, in my wardrobe, at my newly-made website and my style of photography and i see my Style Statement infused in all of these things – and beyond. And it tickled me that as i worked through the book i was wearing a perfume oil* I'd commissioned – creative + sensual (and such good value – Meredith is lovely).

So yes, this is the most illuminating book i've worked through in quite some time and I highly recommend it. I also feel it would be a great way to uncover additional insights for anyone Unravelling with me, either during or after the course.

If you work through the book, or already know your SS, please do share!

* ginger, nutmeg, tuberose, patchouli – fabulous!