The cards help us look beyond the shallow depths of our thoughts.

I’m deeply in love with tarot and oracle cards and at the last count have 140+ decks. I’ve been intuitively using the cards as a way to enhance my creativity for over 20 years and far from being woo woo, I find the cards to be brilliant tools for digging deeper into my own stories and emotions that help me access my intuition in a pleasingly practical way. I’m a big believer in PRACTICAL magic — the magic we create for ourselves. It also doesn’t hurt that there are so many beautiful decks out there!

Divination cards themselves have no inherent magical powers — they are simply pieces of card with images on them — but if you’ve ever looked at a piece of art and felt moved in some way you know that images are powerful! Like the old analyst’s trick of showing a patient an ink blot and asking them what they see, the cards work in a similar way, their symbolic imagery helping us access thoughts and feelings that we might not have been consciously aware of.

The cards are like mirrors reflecting you back to yourself.

In this fun and illuminating three-week course I’ll teach you how to use your oracle and tarot cards far beyond looking up the meaning in the guidebook. Once we’ve covered the basics we’ll be exploring our own personal interpretations, spreads and practices with lots of hands-on exercises and journaling techniques that will help you connect to — and really trust — your intuition. We’ll also explore how to make our OWN deck of cards!

You don’t need to own as many tarot and oracle decks as I do to do this course — just one you love is perfect. However, I’ll warn you now: I’m going to be sharing so many examples of beautiful decks you may well end up buying more :-)

Daily Guidance will leave you with an in-depth understanding of how to use the cards in your everyday life in such a way that they become an integral part of your own personal guidance system.

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Questions and Answers


An email account and a computer. A journal and pen. A deck of oracle or tarot cards — one of each would be ideal but it’s not a requirement. If you haven’t got a deck yet I will be sharing LOTS of different decks and recommendations with you in the first module, have no fear! I know there are so many out there it can feel overwhelming — I’ll help you figure out what sort of deck will suit you best.


You will have immediate access to ALL the course content when you sign up, so you don’t have to wait to get started! The course was designed to run for three weeks and while I know it’s tempting to binge it all in a weekend :-) I still recommend working through the content one module per week, going at the pace that suits you. The lessons are a mix of written content and prerecorded videos (+ transcripts) and everything is hosted on a private website which you have access to for the lifetime of the course - years, in other words!


Daily Guidance is a general (but very thorough and fun!) introduction to tarot AND oracle cards. 78 Mirrors is the next step for anyone wanting to really get to know the tarot — Major and Minor arcana, card by card, suit by suit, numbers and elements. 78 Mirrors is all tarot — Daily Guidance is a broader look at both tarot and oracle and how we can use divination cards in our personal practice. The two courses complement each other beautifully!


No, not at all! Some people like to emphasise the mystical reputation of divination cards but I don’t see them that way. They are beautiful, they are creative, they are inspiring, they are fun! Doing this class will help you to understand how the “magic” isn’t in the card themselves — it’s inside YOU. For me the cards are less about divining the future and more about a creative way to look at myself — my joys and struggles and everything in-between. The cards help me make decisions, not by telling me what to do but by helping me access how I really feel.


You’ll have a better understanding of the different types of divination cards that are out there. You’ll build a deeper connection to your favourite deck(s) of cards and learn new ways to use them in your own creative practice. You’ll get to experiment with new ways of using your cards in your journaling and creativity. You’ll feel confident doing spreads for yourself and interpreting the cards in a way that makes sense to you personally. You’ll hopefully have a much deeper connection to your own intuition. You might even be inspired to create your own deck of cards!


No, not for Daily Guidance, but there will be a Facebook group for 78 Mirrors.

Kind Words

"First of all, thank you, this has been such a fantastic experience and delivered way beyond my expectations. About 2 years ago, I bought a tarot set with book and followed the lessons but it did not click. At all. I had no idea what the cards were about (and the book did not tell me) and the cards, the described meanings and the images did not mean anything to me. It did not even occur to me that it might not me, but the cards or rather the fact that I had no connection with them. I had a proper aha moment when you said that with some decks, you simply don't connect. I got another set and suddenly it started to fall
in place, your lessons gently guiding me through the process and encouraging me to trust my intuition. The cards now speak to me or rather, we are having a conversation. It's like you enabled me to switch on the light. I am using the cards for many things: Setting a tone for my writing. Helping me understand my day. For journaling. For encouragement. Dealing with difficult situations. The cards are my friends now, they have unlocked my intuition in a big way and I
know that this is only the beginning. You and your courses weave magic."


“Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of the Daily Guidance class and your gentle teaching. The experience and learning was so much more than I expected from an online course. When I thought about the class in advance I thought it would be fun and interesting and I would learn how to use those cards I've had sitting around for 20 years. I really had no idea that it would also be so supportive and soul affirming. Through this course I am not only learning to read
the cards but I am learning to trust my intuition and inner voice and it has given me a renewed sense of confidence. I so look forward to my daily draws to see what the cards/my inner voice messages have for me. Your daily emails were just enough information for a day and explained in such a loving and easy to understand way and of course your gorgeous photography was icing on the cake. Lastly, I wanted to let you know that I showed my mom my favourite oracle deck
while visiting her last week and she was very interested so we went shopping for some oracle cards of her own. We found two gentle and loving decks that were perfect for her and I made sure that they really resonated with her before I bought them. She is so excited about these cards and I am happy that she has something that can add a bit of brightness and support to her day as she has been finding it very difficult and challenging lately to look after my father who has advanced Parkinson’s disease. This would have never happened without the benefit of your course.”


“I have LOVED this course, and it has been a big turning point for my life. Prior to your course I felt 2 things about tarot: dark magic, thanks to my Protestant upbringing; and silly, thanks to media portrayals of fortune tellers. I didn't have any interest in telling the future! Or dark magic! But lately I had a lot of interest in everyday magic, and felt maybe that's what I was missing. I still felt uncomfortable with tarot, so I ordered some oracle decks and signed up for your course. But as you introduced me to tarot, and I started to get interested, tarot began to lose its unknown/scary undertones and take on interesting (so exciting!) possibilities of accessing my subconscious, and (SO EXCITING!) possibilities of finding different ways of thinking about things. When you said it wasn't about the cards *telling* me things, but allowing me to tell myself things, to make new connections, about the magic inside me, I felt a sense of understanding, and relief, and expectation. The cards do feel like allies now, thanks to you! I have delved into past situations and relationships that I haven't *ever* been able to make any sense of and found a peace about them I didn't think possible (don't worry, I've had professional counselling about them too!) You opened up this all up to me and made it not scary, not evil, and definitely not silly. THANK YOU! So much. For creating Daily Guidance, for being you, for sharing this with me when I needed a different way to look at and be in this world.”


“Thank you for such a wonderful course. It has been way beyond what I expected. I have been using tarot and oracle for around 8 years but only read once a week, I wasn’t inspired by my cards, my card energy was very stuck etc etc. Thanks to this course I am now reading a couple of times a day, I am using the cards to help me through my own development and current challenges, and I have discovered some wonderful new decks (passing along about 75% of my old
decks) and great new people to talk to about tarot. I think the Facebook interaction has been fabulous and it’s lovely that you are on there, as our teacher, involved in some of the discussions. Many many thanks for the course and the love you have put into it!”


“I was excited to take this class when we began, but I had no idea it would unearth a full-blown tarot revolution. I feel like I have a whole cabinet of friends in my home now who will offer advice whenever I need support. The amount of comfort I get from this is unbelievable. I shared a reading with a girlfriend last night and it was spot on and was truly helpful to her. She was so drawn in by the cards and I was so excited to think of studying together. I have set up a craft day
on my deck with the ladies to begin some homemade collage cards as well. Not only that, I feel like this course has brought me back my 19-year-old self who used to desperately ask the cards over and over "Is it going to work out with him?" and now she sees that there are much bigger questions to ask and so much more joy in the world. Such a gift.”


“I had a couple of decks before the class started — ok, 10 or so, and have at times used the tarot extensively, but never the way that you taught in class. Certainly not for inner exploration. Suddenly my mind really opened up and I began to see the wealth of potential in my little deck of cards. The one thing that was gnawing at me, though, was that I didn’t like the traditional cards I had. Frankly, I thought they were rather ugly and they didn’t really speak to me. I had others, but still I didn’t understand them and so always ended up back with the standard books to try and decipher (who knew you could decide for
yourself with your own knowledge of symbolism and intuition!). Now I am the proud owner of 12 new oracle decks — the artwork alone was well worth the price, and several new tarot decks, each with a new piece of gorgeousness that draws me to it day after day. In short, Susannah, I’m in love and I’m happy, and you brought that to me. Thank you for your genuine spirit, infectious enthusiasm, and your attention to detail. I’m off on adventure and I have you to thank for pointing out the path.”


“My big takeaway was the sense of owning my tarot experience. Often when I read guidebooks there are so many rules, that I get lost in trying to do perfectly. Your way was to encourage fun, freedom and making the experience my own. I really appreciate all the information you shared with us, it was delivered in a very logical, easily digestible steps. I also found your guidance to follow and develop our intuitive thinking by considering the question and our unconscious
thoughts as suggested by the cards we drew. So much magic in these past weeks!! I look forward to taking another class with you soon.”


“Thank you SO much for running this course it has been amazing. I am new to tarot cards and had never owned a deck or had a tarot card reading, thinking it was all a bit too woo woo and out there and just not for me. I did not believe in its power and was a bit scared of tarot, to be honest, as it always seemed to be associated with black magic and the dark sinister side of life. How wrong was I. Your courses have and still are helping me to understand myself and I am amazed, though not really surprised, that the Facebook community groups for
each course have been so filled with lovely, like-minded and interactive people. Your presence in my life has truly been a blessing. Having access to so many beautiful decks and being enabled by the group and yourself (a-hem!) to invest in my growth and self knowledge, through tarot card reading, has been a real wow and a-ha everyday. You made me realise that tarot is not scary at all but an
amazingly helpful insight into myself and actually, it has a level of woo woo that I can cope with and enjoy! The course and the growing knowledge I now have and love for the tarot are helping me to step out confidently into the world with inner peace, balance and harmony. My journey has begun.”


"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Daily Guidance course.
The lessons, photographs, prompts were so thoughtfully imagined and helpful. And your psychological and spiritual approach to the cards was so appreciated. Though I didn't participate much in the Facebook group, I did do all the homework and find myself doing your evening spread daily. It is as you say...the cards reflect back to us things we might prefer to avoid. Even though I have been a writer and a yogi for a long time, I struggle to trust myself. Through your course, I've felt that I've really been able to tap into my intuition for the first time in a long time. So, thank you."