Tarot for Your Inner Child is a sparkly rainbow-hued invitation to bring more play into your life!

During lockdown 2020 I bought myself some new tarot decks — nothing odd about that, I’m an avid collector and love how they add different layers to my understanding of the tarot — but there was one in particular I was giddy with excitement about. When it arrived I realised I hadn’t bought that deck for me, I’d bought it for my inner teenager. Adult me liked it, but my inner teen LOVED IT and was thrilled to finally have it in her hands. This realisation opened up a whole new rainbow world where I wondered “what deck would delight my littlest inner child?” — so I let her choose her own deck too. From there a magical creative adventure began.

This course is a sparkly rainbow-hued invitation to bring more play into your life. Through the insightful archetypes contained within the tarot we’re going to bond with our inner children, one card at a time. We’ll get to know them through guided meditation, give them full permission to choose a tarot deck just for them and make our own “little white book” of card meanings (aka a tarot journal). This is going to be super fun as you’ll be making the journal alongside your inner child — they will have the creative reins! My inner child wanted to decorate our journal with cute stickers and washi tape just like I would’ve done as a kid— what would yours like? Paint and pencils? Collage? Glitter gel pens? Stickers and stamps? Anything goes!

If you’ve got a tarot deck or two you’ve probably done an inner child reading at some point in your tarot journey. I have too and they’ve always been insightful, but getting to know my inner child this way has taken our relationship far beyond the occasional spread and into regular soul-level connecting. With a journal filled with words from my inner child I’ve been able to tune more deeply into how I feel (and why), heal stuff I didn’t know still needed to be healed and in turn bring more joy into my life as a whole. The shift has been transformational so I knew I had to pass this practice on to you!

It’s time to play!

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About Susannah

I'm an author, photographer and teacher who’s been sharing her heart online for well over a decade. I help people know, trust and express themselves better by teaching the tools that helped me heal my own heart and live a self-directed life. Words have been at the centre of my world for as long as I can remember. I started writing a diary aged 11 and grew not only a life-long journaling practice but also an unending curiosity about my place in the world.

I worked as a photographer and journalist for many years but my life as I now know it really began in the spring of 2005 when the man I loved died very suddenly from a heart attack — everything I thought I knew about life changed in that instant. Walking through the fire of bereavement was the catalyst for my own unraveling, a journey I wrote about in my first book, This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart.

Unraveling is the word I used to describe my healing process, a peeling away of the layers of myself to find out what was underneath, so in this context unraveling is not a negative thing but more of a clarification and reconnection. While journaling has been the cornerstone of my creative practice for over 30 years, tarot has always been my preferred way to tap into my intuition. I have over 100 tarot decks in my collection, and while I don’t believe the cards can predict the future, I love how they open us up to our own internal guidance system. They are gloriously practical magic!

Questions and Answers


The course runs for four weeks but you can work through the content at your own pace. You’ll get daily lessons the first week (Mon to Fri) and three lessons per week (Mon, Wed & Fri) for the rest of the course. These will be a mix of written content and prerecorded videos (+ transcripts) so you don’t have to be online at a certain time to see or read them. The lessons are all hosted on a private website which you’ll have access to indefinitely, so you can work through the content at a pace that suits you. To do this course you’ll need a tarot deck and a journal plus any art materials you’d like to use to decorate your journal (no art skills required!) You’ll also need an email account and a computer or tablet to access the course materials.


First of all you do NOT have to buy a new tarot for this course — feel free to use a deck you already have! But whether you buy a new deck or use one you already own, you’ll be invited to work with a tarot deck that delights your inner child. We’ll be doing guided meditations to connect with our inner child in the course but at this stage you need only ask yourself: “what would I have loved as a kid?” Select your deck with that in mind :-) I’ll be sharing lots of deck suggestions in the welcome video — you’ll get access to that the day you register.


Absolutely! You don’t need to know anything about the tarot to take this course. We will be connecting with our chosen decks very intuitively. In many ways not knowing much about the tarot is an advantage because you’ll be coming to the imagery with a completely open mind. Either way, this is a course for all levels of experience.


We’ll be creating a journal of tarot card meanings in collaboration with our inner child and you’re welcome to decorate your journal any way you choose. This could be with paint and pencils, sparkly gel pens, collaged pictures, stickers and washi tape and any other way that makes the big kid in you happy. Just like you did when choosing a deck, ask yourself: “what would I have loved as a kid?” and start there. You don’t need to be creative, you just need to give yourself permission to play!


By the end of our three weeks together you’ll have developed a meaningful (re)connection to the playful part of yourself. I believe our inner child is the creative joyful essence of who we are and when we give that side of ourselves room to play we open ourselves up to more joy in our lives. By the end of the course you’ll have a much deep connection to your inner child, a tarot journal you’re loving putting together and a tarot deck that gives your inner child a direct way to communicate with you! You’ll be more open to your emotional side and be able to self-soothe so much more effectively.


Yes! We will have a private Facebook where we can connect with each other and share our discoveries. Joining the group is completely optional so you won’t miss out on anything if you prefer to stay off Facebook :-)