Denise, New Zealand

“I thoroughly enjoy receiving your love letters and have read every one with a smile in my heart since I subscribed a few years now. They are beautiful to look at so the presentation appeals to me. In addition you have a great style of balancing your personal story with navigating yourself forward and this comes across in how you write. So whilst you are open to us about your challenges, you also have a way of keeping the vibe up that I like — kinda like “I’m doing my best” sort of feel as Dr Brene Brown talks about! When a list of emails comes through on my ‘promotions’ tab, yours is the first and often only one that I open. I tend to keep yours and read them a few times. It also prompts me to go to your website and check out the courses again and dream about doing another one when I have time. I park the thought in my life and enjoy the possibility of participating again.”