Mariah, USA

“After years of following along with your life via your blog, Instagram, and love letters, I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for all the inspiration and comfort you’ve given me over the years. I’m a social media junkie and writer, so I read a lot of blogs, but yours is the one I come back to most consistently. Your love letters are the only newsletters I get that I open every time. Your sincerity, honesty, and vulnerability are like a warm light when the world seems very dark and unknowable. I started reading your writing when I was in undergraduate school several years ago. I was coming out of a repressive religious upbringing, and your words were so encouraging and uplifting, they functioned as a form of self-care for me. Seven years later, and I’m still reading. You inspire me, not only as a human, but as a writer. You remind me that a single life, told honestly and with grace, can touch countless others – that writing one’s own experience can be an act of generosity. After waking up to reports of shootings in Dallas, Texas this morning, I felt numb, unsure how to move forward in world that seems to be burning itself down. Finding a love letter from you in my inbox was like balm to my soul. Your beautiful images and honest words instantly made me feel a little lighter, a little better prepared to face the world again. So, I wanted to say thank you, for offering the thread of your life to the world. I know your words have woven themselves into my own life, and my life is more beautiful and meaningful for it.”