Tilia, Croatia

“I usually subscribe to blogs I find interesting, but only to find out soon that some people like to pop in my mail box each day not giving me time to assimilate the last mail, some only pop in to announce new e-course but nothing personal or intimate from them, with some I just don’t feel on the same page. This can be very tiresome and I don’t want to keep read something that doesn’t fill my cup for that day, so I unsubscribe. Your Love Letters, Find Your Word and Unravelling workbook, your photographs, your sincerity, humor, genuiness, vulnerability, warmth and authenticity are well anticipated in my mailbox. Still, I don’t know you but I know more about you then you will ever know about me and I feel you as someone really close to me, I can relate to, someone who can inspire me, make me wonder, pick up a different book or take another angle on myself. You are my chum, Susannah, and I thank you for that with all of my heart.”