Do you wish you could journal more consistently but never seem to manage it?


Loves, I've got you!

I have ADHD and my natural inclination is to become obsessed with something for a week and then abandon it — true story! And yet, I’ve been consistently journaling for 39 years. How on earth is that possible?

One word: Habit. Two more words: Secondary benefits. Muscle memory is a big factor here, but after decades of journaling only when I needed it (read: break ups and disappointments) I radically changed the way I journal during lockdown and life hasn't been the same since.

As a result I’m more playful, more centred and noticeably calmer. The joy I find in my journaling has rubbed off on my business and I’ve developed new hobbies (that I’m still doing!) In short, I no longer only reach for my journal when I’m sad, and that has been a game-changer.

And here’s the best bit — CONSISTENT doesn’t have to mean daily, it simply means regularly and reliably.



Let's figure it out together

We all know journaling is good for our mental health but if it feels forced or gets forgotten, it’s not going to be of any use. Forcing me to eat cilantro will not make me like it! I want to eat the herbs that taste good to me — and it’s the same with journaling. 

Your journaling practice doesn’t have to look like mine or anyone else’s, it simply has to flow with your lifestyle, your needs and what brings YOU joy!

I’ve got some really solid (and tested!) ideas and suggestions for getting you from occasional journaler to REGULAR consistent journaler. And along the way...

  • We'll uncover what your real journaling needs and expectations are - they may surprise you
  • We'll identify how to integrate a journaling practice into your life in a realistic, ease-filled and sustainable way
  • And we'll figure out how to keep you engaged, looking forward to your journaling sessions and having so much FUN with it!
In the Flow: How to Journal Consistently

This workshop helps you journal more consistently because your practice is tailored to you, with lots of flexibility so it never feels like a chore (no rules!) 💗


Here's a peek inside the workshop

In-depth video lessons

I take you through my Recipe of Consistency in FOUR conversational and inspiring video lessons, with prompts for journaling and brainstorming as we go

  • Each video runs for 20-30 mins
  • Videos include closed captions in English + transcripts
66 Journal Prompts ebook

The 66 Journal Prompts ebook will prove to be an invaluable resource on the days you want to journal but need a place to start!

  • Includes daily spreads for oracle and/or tarot cards
  • 66 prompts = over 2 months of journaling to help you build the habit
My favourite resources

If you're feeling uninspired by your journaling set-up, it's time to treat yo self! The Resources page includes all my favourite online stationery stores from around the world

  • Stickers, washi tapes, stationery goodness, desk tools, notebooks, fountain pens and inks
  • Journal cover ideas with both leather and vegan options
BONUS: Nourishing Ourselves workbook

This beautifully designed workbook is an invitation to create some intentional time to care for your body, mind, heart and soul

  • 26-page ebook format filled with 34 in-depth prompts, exercises and guidance
  • Includes the Four Bodies oracle/tarot spread

Without the pressure to journal, it'll flow

A journal practice on your terms

You'll always have a reason to journal

Even if you don't have the words!

Your journal will become a trusted confidante

Ready to witness the ups & downs


I'm Susannah

I’m a writer and teacher and I’ve been sharing my heart online since 2006. I’m the author of This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart and my mission is to help people access their creative joy and nurture a deeper kinder relationship with themselves. Words have been at the centre of my world for as long as I can remember. I started writing a diary aged 11 and grew not only a life-long journaling practice but an unending curiosity about my place in the world.

Journaling is at the core of everything I do, both personally and professionally. Frankly, I’m not just passionate about it — I’m completely obsessed :-) 

I've taught over 1500 people from around the world how to journal in my signature course, Journal Your Life. I'm thrilled to be sharing more of this practical and supportive joy with you!

Questions & Answers


Kind words from Journal Your Life students...

Thank you for helping me develop a FRESH approach to journaling!

I have found that looking through my collection of images, paper scraps, etc. allows my intuition to find the subject or idea I want to explore. And your wealth of journal prompts has led me to explore all these ideas in new ways. Thank you for your generous spirit. 


You have such a gifted way of making everyone feel like a friend.

I love how you introduced FUN into my journaling. Even though I have been journaling off and on for many years, I hadn’t thought of how the creative aspect could bring so much to my journaling. It was the 'permission' and excuse I needed to buy new supplies. When they arrived, I went straight to my journals! What joy! 


I’m so, so happy, I really don’t want this course to end.

Please, please do another one as hearing your voice every other day has really been the best part of my week. I take myself off to somewhere very quiet to just sit and listen and absorb it all as everything has made so much sense and was exactly what I needed right now in my life. You’re an absolute angel!


I'm excited to help you journal more!

Whether you're an absolute beginner or have been journaling for years, this workshop will help you find more consistent flow in your practice and help you fall in love with your journal all over again 💗