Easing into the new year


I’ve been running the December Reflections photo challenge for the last few years and every time we near the end I get that sad feeling, the one you get at the end of a holiday when it’s nearly time to go home. This year I decided to stave off that feeling by instigating a new challenge to ease us into January. Because, let’s face it, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere the chances are January is a bit… gloomy, shall we say. I imagine January is bloody fantastic in the southern hemisphere, so I look forward to seeing your sunshiny summery photos :-) But it doesn’t matter where you are in the world  this is for everyone!


Introducing Gentle January 2018

The idea is to simply take a photograph every day in January (and share it if you wish) to give yourself a moment to pause and be present. Let’s start the year as we mean to go on, yes? I’ve created a list of prompts you can use  they alternate between an “I” statement (I am, I love, I believe, etc) you can riff of and easy shoot-what-you-see photo prompts. Use these as your starting points and see where it takes you!

As with all my challenges there are no rules and you are welcome to do as much or as little as you want. You might enjoy doing the I statements in your journal or on your blog. You might feel like only doing the photo prompts. Pick and choose the ones that inspire you if you’re short on time. IT’S ALL GOOD.



There are several ways we can gather together as a community:

1. Share your photos on Instagram using the #GentleJanuary2018 hashtag

2. Add your photos to the Gentle January 2018 Facebook group 

3. Add your blog to our blog roll (below) so we can all find new blogs to read!


The Blogroll

To add your blog just scroll down to the last pic and hit ‘Add your link

Let’s use this blog roll to find new blogs to read and enjoy so please just add your blog link once. Links to your daily posts/images should be shared in the Facebook group and/or on Instagram NOT added to the blogroll list — that way the list will stay manageable! :-D

Have fun, everyone! xo

PS. You can join in any time during January — this is an informal challenge so jump in whenever you like!