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✧ Journal Love Club ✧

A year-long membership with daily journal prompts in your in-box, monthly videos, guest journalers, stickers & a monthly Zoom gathering

Doors reopen on Friday November 24th!

Join us for SIX months of LIVE membership to look forward to, and SIX months of content ready for you to binge straight away!

Ready to get journaling?
Journal Love Club is a fun and affordable way to nurture a consistent journaling practice

You probably already know that journaling is good for well-being and mental health. It helps us deal with anxiety and depression, boosts our serotonin levels and improves our memory. I’ve been journaling for 39 years and it’s helped me unravel myself (in a good way!) and build the life I want, while supporting me like the bestest friend I could ever wish for.

However! I know it can be hard to journal consistently and that it’s easy to forget about journaling when life gets busy. I also know that sometimes you just need a cheerleader to keep you motivated.

🧡 That’s why I created Journal Love Club 🧡

I bloody love journaling and I want to help you maintain a regular journaling practice too, so you can stay connected to yourself, remember how to play, be honest, dream big and have a place where you feel supported every day of your life. There are no rules in journaling and sometimes we just need a bit of encouragement and accountability to stay the course — Journal Love Club is here to support you! :-)

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You don’t need any journaling experience to become a club member and you don’t need a ton of journaling supplies either. A notebook and a pen is all you need. I love to decorate my pages with stickers & washi tape, and I’ll be sharing lots of inspiration in the club videos, but at its core my journaling is still all about the words on the page.

Having a place to share our thoughts, fears, emotions, worries... joys, excitement, dreams, wins... is INVALUABLE. Our journal is a living document of our lives, but it's also a very practical tool. It’s creative, fun and just for you. Good days and difficult days, silly and serious, it’s all poured onto the page. 

Come join us in Journal Love Club and we'll fall down the journaling rabbit hole together 💜

Things to look forward to:
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Daily Journal Prompts☟

Sent directly to your inbox every. single. day

  • You’ll never open your journal and have “nothing to write about” again.
  • There’ll be a good mix of gentle prompts and deeper prompts to get you thinking.
  • We’ll have occasional monthly themes but nothing too overwhelming! This is all about coming to your journal page with curiosity and an open heart, filling your cup and spending some meaningful time with yourself.
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✎ Kitchen Table Diaries ✎

A monthly journaling video from me (Susannah!)

  • On the first of the month you'll get a 30 to 40 minute video from me. It's like hanging out with me at my kitchen table. 
  • I'll share behind the scenes of my journaling practice and creative life — things I’ve been learning, new things I’ve been trying and anything else connected to journaling and creative inspiration.
  • Plus I'll share a ton of recommendations (expect lots of infectious enthusiasm ;-)
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☏ Journal Round the Fire ☏

A monthly journaling session on Zoom with me and your fellow club members

  • A cosy place where we can connect, chat and do some journaling together. 
  • I'll bring journal prompts for you to use if you need them but you're free to journal in whatever way feels good.
  • We'll gather once a month with TWO sessions on the day (morning and evening UK time) so everyone gets a chance to attend (we're a global group!) 
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✿ Monthly Coffee Date ✿

Each month you'll get a special video from a guest journaler

  • I’ve invited some incredible journalers to join us in the club each month!
  • We'll learn more about their journaling practice, what journaling means to them and how they fit it into their lifestyle.
  • Expect to absorb a bunch of new ideas you'll want to try in your own journal.
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✄ Exclusive Club Stickers ✄

A super cute journaling-themed sticker from Zaara Kittenchops every month

  • These will come in both PDF and JPG formats so you can print them out as many times as you like and stick them in your journal.
  • Not available anywhere else in the entire known universe!
  • Very very cute 。◕ ‿ ◕。
✎ Always something to look forward to ✐

“I teared up by the end of this video. I appreciate Journal Love Club from the bottom of my heart. So much has happened in my life since it began, and I feel like this has been a consistent self care space for me to drop in with love & creativity. Thank you, Susannah, for creating such a wonderful program." — ALEXANDRA

Ready to get journaling?
There are bonuses too!

Every club member gets a copy of the Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self ebook when they sign up — it’s filled with lots of photo assignments and insightful writing exercises to explore in your journal straight away! 


PLUS!  Every club member gets access to the Journal Love Club Retreat! Ten journaling videos, in-depth workbook, playlist and resources for a delicious day of journaling at home ✨


If you pay in full you’ll also get the 6-week Photo Meditations course for free! Learn everything I know about composition, light, portraiture & story-telling to take more expressive soulful photographs.

If you’re ready to nurture a gentle, insightful and consistent journaling practice, Journal Love Club is here for you.

✨ Start today! ✨

Pay in full

£444 GBP

One Payment

Six months (LIVE) in Journal Love Club


➤ First six months: Archive bonanza!

➤ Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self ebook

➤ The Journal Love Club Retreat

+ Photo Meditations course (value £147) when you pay in full.


Two payments

£222 x 2

2 Monthly Payments

Six months (LIVE) in Journal Love Club


➤ First six months: Archive bonanza!

➤ Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self ebook

➤ The Journal Love Club Retreat

(First payment taken immediately, second payment one month later)

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Hi! I'm Susannah

I'm a writer and teacher and your guide on this journaling mission. I’ve authored several books including This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart (SKIRT 2012) and my heart-led mission is helping people access their creative joy and nurture a deeper kinder relationship with themselves. 

I started writing a diary aged 11 and grew not only a life-long journaling practice but an unending curiosity about my place in the world. Journaling is at the core of everything I do, both personally and professionally. Frankly, I’m not just passionate about it — I’m completely obsessed :-) 

I've taught over 1500 people from around the world how to journal in my signature course, Journal Your Life. I'm thrilled to be sharing more of this practical and supportive joy with you!

Questions & Answers
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“I LOVED this year so much! I really can not believe it's been a whole year of journaling! Thank you Susannah for sharing your thoughts and tips, sticker suppliers and tarot decks! I've thoroughly enjoyed hunkering down in front of my own stash of goodies and zoning out for a while especially when life got pretty weird in the big world outside. My journal has turned into a beautiful place to process it all. I can not wait for more in year two!”


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"I have thoroughly enjoyed your guest contributors. I’ve watched a couple of them more than once for the companionable warmth I felt oozing from the screen. Journal Love Club has enhanced my personal journal practice. I am journalling more regularly and consistently, and enjoying the process more than ever. It really all boils down to how very much I have adored this offering, and YES! I will join you again for another year.”


Ready to get journaling?