Journal Love Club is a fun and affordable subscription to help you build a daily heart-centred journaling practice.

You probably already know that journaling is good for well-being and mental health, helps us deal with anxiety and depression, boosts our serotonin levels and improves our memory. I’ve been journaling for 36 years and it’s helped me unravel myself (in a good way!) and build the life I want, while supporting me like the bestest friend I could ever wish for. However! I know it can be hard to journal consistently and that it’s easy to forget when life gets busy.

I also know that sometimes you just need a cheerleader to keep you motivated. That’s why I’ve created Journal Love Club.

I bloody love journaling and I want to help you create a regular journaling practice too, so you can stay connected to yourself, remember how to play, be honest, dream big and have a place where you feel supported every day of your life. There are no rules in journaling and sometimes we just need a bit of guidance to stay the course — Journal Love Club is here to help :-).

Your journal is like a best friend who’s endlessly patient & kind.

You don’t need any journaling experience to become a club member and you don’t need a ton of journaling supplies either. A notebook and a pen is all you need. Personally I love to decorate my pages with stickers, washi tape and colourful inks, and I’ll be sharing lots of tips, techniques and prompts in the club videos, but at its core my journaling is still all about the words.

One of the most unexpected gifts of the pandemic has been my revamped journaling practice. After decades of journaling when I needed it, I now relish journaling every single day. It’s become so much more than venting on the page (though I still love a bit of that!) — it’s creative, fun and keeps my inner child happy. Good days and difficult days, mundane and miraculous, it’s all poured into my notebook. Come join me in Journal Love Club and I’ll help you fall in love with your journal too <3

How it works

There are four five (!) key elements to Journal Love Club:

1. Daily journal prompts, sent directly to your inbox every day, so you’ll never open your journal and have “nothing to write about” again. There will be a good mix of lighthearted prompts and deeper prompts to get you thinking.

2. The prompts will also be posted on our private Instagram feed where I’ll be sharing occasional journaling tips, stationery and other things I know will inspire you. It’s also the place where we’ll be able to connect.

3. A monthly journaling video from me. They’ll be 20 to 30 minutes in length, informal, chatty and fun! I’ll be sharing behind the scenes of my journaling practice and creative life — things I’ve been learning, new things I’ve been trying and anything else connected to journaling and creative inspiration.

4. A monthly video from a journaling guest — check out their sparkling faces below! I’ve gathered together some incredible journalers I know will inspire you because they inspire me too. We’ll be learning more about their journaling practice and doing some journaling with them.

All videos will be prerecorded so you won’t have to be “in class” at a certain time – watch (and rewatch!) at your leisure :-)

5. Finally — my favourite bit — an exclusive club sticker from Zaara Kittenchops every month! These will come in a PDF and JPG format so you can print them out as many times as you want and put them in your journal.


Every club member gets a copy of the Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self ebook when they sign up — it’s filled with photo assignments and writing exercises to explore in your journal straight away!

PLUS! If you pay in full you’ll also get the Your Soul Speaks ebook for free!


If you’re ready to create a ease-filled, insightful and consistent journaling practice, Journal Love Club is for you.

Pay in full


One full year in Journal Love Club PLUS! The Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self ebook and Your Soul Speaks ecourse (value £147) when you pay in full.


Two payments

£185 x 2

One full year in Journal Love Club PLUS! The Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self ebook. First payment taken immediately, second payment one month later.


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Our Guest Journalers


Amy T Won is an artist, nature lover and wonder-seeker creating art and tools for renewing our enchantment with life. She is deeply inspired by the intersection between the natural world and personal soul journeys.



Andrea Schroeder is the founder of the Creative Dream Incubator where she teaches life-changing journaling and meditation classes to creative people who are ready for a breakthrough. She’s a life coach, spiritual counsellor, artist and avid journaler.



Caroline Donahue is an American writer, Book Coach, and Podcaster living in Berlin. She’s the host of The Secret Library podcast, the author of Story Arcana and The Voyeur, and started her first journal when she was eleven.



Daksina Basia is a Child Protection Director for an international charity and a home-schooling mum to two sweet girls. She’s a brand ambassador for Filofax and loves using colour, art and washi tape in her planners and journals.

Daksina’s YouTube



Jamie Ridler is an expert coach specializing in helping creative souls embrace their artistic calling so they can get creating, build a body of work and finally become the artist they are meant to be.



Karen Walrond is a leadership and activism coach, and a bestselling author on the subjects of tapping into your superpowers and how to work for change in the world without losing your joy.



Megan C Hayes is an author, optimist and teacher of joyful writing habits. Her MSc and PhD research explored the links between writing, psychology and happiness and her latest book is titled The Joy of Writing Things Down.



Meghan Genge is a writer and teacher living in the Costa Rican jungle. She believes passionately in words, magic and the power of showing up and her current mission is to inspire 10,001 people to write that book already.



Mitsuko Nishitani loves anything and everything stationery-related and runs The Stationery Selection online. A Canadian living in Japan with her young family, she practices creative journaling as a way to celebrate the simple joys of life.

Mitsuko’s YouTube



Trina O’Gorman is a journaling coach and writing studies professor at Montclair State University in the USA. Though she wasn’t always journaling in her notebook, her mother says she’s never been without a notebook nearby.



Sasha Glasgow classes herself as a writer, doubter and doer. She’s an avid journaller and lover of words, who wants to use them to challenge the negative narratives that women can have about themselves.



Zaara KittenChops is a cute spiritual illustrator and tarot card artist. She is a cat lover, bird song listener and washi hugger living in the USA. She is the creator of the wildly popular Playful Heart Tarot.


About Susannah

I’m an author, photographer and teacher who’s been sharing her heart online for well over a decade. I help people know, trust and express themselves better by teaching the tools that helped me heal my own heart and live a self-directed life. Words have been at the centre of my world for as long as I can remember. I started writing a diary aged 11 and grew not only a life-long journaling practice but also an unending curiosity about my place in the world.

I worked as a photographer and journalist for many years but my life as I now know it really began in the spring of 2005 when the man I loved died very suddenly from a heart attack — everything I thought I knew about life changed in that instant. Walking through the fire of bereavement was the catalyst for my own unraveling, a journey I wrote about in my first book, This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart.

Unraveling is the word I used to describe my healing process, a peeling away of the layers of myself to find out what was underneath, so in this context unraveling is not a negative thing but more of a clarification and reconnection. In 2008 I taught an in-person workshop called Unraveling: Ways of Seeing My Self and in 2009 I launched the course online. That course ran for many years and supported thousands of women all around the world. Since then there’s been 14 more courses, three books and many workshops and retreats. It’s truly an honour to be able to do this work.


Questions and Answers


The Club runs for a whole year — May 1st 2021 to April 30th 2022 — and is hosted on a private website. You’ll have access to the monthly video from me (Susannah), your exclusive KittenChops club sticker and a PDF of the previous month’s journal prompts on the first of every month. On the 15th of the month you’ll have access to a video from one of our journaling guests. You’ll receive daily journal prompts in your inbox - read more about those below. You’ll also have access to our private Instagram feed if you wish to follow along there.


No, not at all. All videos will be prerecorded so you can watch and enjoy them at your leisure. I’ll email you when the new content is ready for you so you won’t even have to remember to log in.


You absolutely do NOT have to journal every day (unless you want to!) We’ve made it easy to unsubscribe from the daily prompt emails and resubscribe if you want to hop back in another time. Some prompts will speak to you, others may not — either way, there will always be something you can write about. Cherry pick and let it be ease-full!


Of course! Inside the Club you’ll find a “Journaling Tips” section with lots of ideas for how to get started. Journaling is actually pretty simple - you just need some paper and a pen and a bit of time to yourself. The daily prompts will give you a place to start.


Yes! You’ll be able to connect with your fellow Club members in the comments on our private Instagram feed and by using our Club hashtag to find each other. You’ll also be able to leave comments underneath the monthly videos.


Yes, your currency is automatically converted when you check out using your preferred payment card. But please note: I am not able to offer refunds for this subscription, so please read through this whole page carefully, watch the video and purchase mindfully. Feel free to email me if you have any questions <3

Kind Words

“Just a quick note after tucking my journal in for the night. I fangirled over your Photo Meditations course late spring last year when my "COVID gift" was discovering my love for photography. And I'm back to fangirl even harder with this new iteration of Journal Your Life. I just want to tell you how much I F*CKING LOVE IT. (Sorry to swear, but no other word does it right.) Even if the course was over after the first 2 weeks, worth every cent and so many more. The ideas and resources you share are next level. Seriously fantastic stuff. My journal practice (and I'm one of those who had that journal with the flimsy lock as a young girl) has renewed life and excitement. I'm telling you, Sus... NEXT LEVEL.”

WOZ (Journal Your Life)

“I just finished listening to your last video and I wanted to let you know that your class truly inspired me. You have such a gifted way of making everyone feel like a friend. I thank you for that. My favorite take-aways were to create a dream journal for something that I want to manifest and a dedicated journal to go deeper on anything that I want to explore further. I love calling out and now getting in touch specifically with my Inner Child and Inner Coach, while also now able to put a name to my Inner Critic. I also love how you introduced FUN into my journaling with colored pens, stickers and washi tape. Even though I have been journaling off and on for many years, I hadn’t thought of how the creative aspect could bring so much to my journaling. It was the 'permission' and excuse that I needed to buy new colored pens, washi tape and inspirational stickers these past few weeks. When they arrived, I went straight to my journals! What joy! I am in the process of trying to identify my second chapter in life, although pinpointing exactly what that will be has yet to be determined. With my new Dream Journal, I am exploring all areas of interest, discovering new podcasts to listen to, identifying new skills to learn in case I need them, etc. My Dream Journal is where I now put all of my ideas. Thank you for sharing all of your insights! You are a delightful writer and I thoroughly enjoyed receiving each and every email.”

LANI  (Journal Your Life)

“Susannah, this was a brilliant course! Thank you so much. I was in the 2015 Journal Your Life course, and while I enjoyed that, this version felt so much richer. Love. Love. Love! I have been writing morning pages for about the last year, and I think that was a good experience, although very different from how I had previously been journaling. It was becoming... tedious. Now I am excited to sit with my journal and hoard of washi and stickers :-) Some of the practices I have adopted over time feel validated and I can now proudly embrace my multi-journal systems and even have plans to add on at least one more! I love the idea of sitting down for a chat with myself or to write a letter to my (deceased) mom. Or, one of my Hey God! prayer/letters... my own little private form of worship. Thank you again for this course and your many other offerings. I am always interested to see what you come up with next!”

LUCI (Journal Your Life)

“I honestly can’t thank you enough for bringing your fabulous course into my life. I feel so inspired and certainly a lot more organised! Since the beginning of Journal Your Life I’ve been writing every day in a notebook I made myself from a course I started on the 1st January (the paper I used isn’t the best but it’s okay!) I have a visioning notebook that I was given at Christmas for a room that will be my very own space once it’s built. We have recently received planning permission so it really is going to be real rather than just in my dreams and this is working beautifully. I’ve organised my stickers and bought another fountain pen (TWSBI rose gold and white) - I now have 3 plus 6 new inks. I’m so, so happy, I really don’t want this course to end. Please, please do another one as hearing your voice every other day has really been the best part of my week. I take myself off to somewhere very quiet to just sit and listen and absorb it all as everything has made so much sense and was exactly what I needed right now in my life. You’re an absolute angel!”

GILLY (Journal Your Life)

“Thank you so much for this course. I wasn’t sure if I would get real value out of it because I’ve been journaling almost everyday for the past 5-6 years. But it has been worth every penny! My word for 2021 is FRESH – and your course has helped me approach my journaling with Fresh eyes and a Fresh attitude. The decorative approach has brought tremendous joy to my practice. I find that it has opened up my overall approach to journaling. I choose elements to decorate my pages based on a very vague idea – or based on a specific image that compels me. After I decorate the pages I then journal along with the decorative theme. It’s helped me tap my intuition to find things I want to write about. I started journaling to deal with a specific ongoing life challenge (which is still ongoing) but I didn’t want my journaling to just be about that anymore – or just about the mundane day-to-day moans and pleasures. I have found that looking through my collection of images, paper scraps, etc. allows my intuition to find the subject or idea I want to explore. And your wealth of journal prompts has led me to explore all these ideas in new ways. Thank you for helping me develop a FRESH approach to journaling! Thank you for your generous spirit. You always sign of with “Lots of Love” Well, I say – Lots of Love right back at YOU!”

CYNTHIA (Journal Your Life)

“Thank you so much for all the teaching and wisdom of Journal Your Life, I really loved the course! I took the old course as well a couple of years ago and have been journaling for a long time, but this new course has definitely given me new ideas and inspiration. I particularly liked week two with the visioning and dedicated notebooks. I had wanted to do something like that for some time but wasn’t sure how to get started. Now I’ve set up several sections in a Filofax to work on dreams and ideas and it already has had some good effects on my life. It’s so good to have a dedicated space to express thoughts and feelings about something, I love it! I also really enjoy decorating my main personal journal and I’m journaling every day now, which feels great. In short: I thought it was a great course and would definitely be interested in more journaling courses in the future! Thank you so much!”

KIM (Journal Your Life)