“This I Know is like your own best friend speakIng to you long into the night. Poetic, hopeful, real like the self you know you are inside. The one who wants to come out and revel in the unravelling, who wants to be a part of a sisterhood that understands loss and heartbreak and all of the nuances of self doubt, jubilation, acceptance, freedom and genuine kinship with others. Susannah invites you to write your own story. I truly enjoyed this and it came just when I needed it as all things do. When my heart is breaking, my soul seeking answers and a desire for connection...somewhere, somehow. Thank you! This book is a gift! Truly!” Lee Anne

“I am a school librarian so books are a big part of my world right now. My mother, who lives 2000 miles away, texted me the other day to say she had ordered a book for me on Amazon. "Just another book," she said. It was one of those important life moments when I received your book and began reading. My 20-year partner and children's father died unexpectedly from a heart attack in his sleep in 2009. Since, life has been like 9-11. The first hit and then the gradual, surreal descent into a pile of ash and rubble. Like watching a movie really. A dedicated believer in "from the ashes" I am on the cusp of rebuilding, starting a new chapter of life. From your book I took a gander at your website and signed up for the NY retreat. Entirely out of my comfort zone! Disappointed that you will not be teaching there now and yet relieved not to see the wizard behind the curtain. In a word: thank you. Your book touched my life in very great ways. I've read a whole lotta books, some amazing to me. Never have felt moved to email the authors… Thanks again. It made a difference for me.” Shana

“This I Know is a workbook for ways to open your heart and reveal a softer, more intuitive approach to life, especially when recovering from deep loss. Her tools and stories offer hope and a creative path to follow toward better self-understanding. I'm excited about the exercises she gives that I'd not heard of anywhere else, and the resources she offers at the end that guided her on her way. This I Know is a book to keep for a lifetime of new exploration and ideas, and comfort for when the sadness or grief creeps in. And for reassurance when you're feeling less than your best, your friendships are changing, YOU are changing, and you just need a warm friend who understands healing and pain and re-creation. I found all of this in Susannah's book, and even remembering her words feels like an important conversation I had with a friend. Thank you Susannah for sharing your story!” Kate

“This book, your book. It came in the mail today, when I saw the package sitting on my porch, I knew it was either your book or season 6 of Lost -- I was hoping it was yours. I opened it, tossed the cardboard and sat in the middle of the floor, while Bean alternated between eating his evening snacks and walking over and nudging my hand, wanting some love. Susannah, you must always write. You must always take photographs, but writing, you are so -- your words. The way you write, you write so beautifully. I knew this, I read your blog, I knew this. Something about this feels different and I'm sitting here in tears and frantically typing all of this so I can get to this point: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Jenn

“I LOVED the class! There was such a warm and caring feel to the class. It was okay to explore. I have always been interested in tarot but never thought it would be something for me. I do not consider myself intuitive, at all, but it is something that I want to explore and allow myself to listen to my inner guidance more often. This class was a step in that direction… I have been using the New Palladini deck for all of the homework and draws during the class. I’ve noticed that if I allow myself to take the time and really look at the card and let the words ow, there is a lot that can be said about each card. I really liked the prompts that you gave us. Each day was a perfect guide to explore.” Sandra

“I just wanted to say that I've got so much out of the course. I'm new to tarot and I've found it far more benecial than I imagined it could be. Life is quite tough at the moment — in summary my Dad is very sick and has been deteriorating quickly throughout the course. I've found it so helpful to sit with the cards and work through my feelings. I'm not saying everything is rosy but it has denitely helped me confront some difcult thoughts and work my way through them. I've been drawing 3 cards every morning of the course (and will continue to do so) and the stand-out thing for me from that is how many times the 4 of Wands has come up — seriously that card is stalking me, it has come up in over half of my spreads during the course! I didn't understand it at rst but now it feels like an old friend, a promise that things will get better. Plus it makes me giggle every time it pops up now — and giggles are in short supply at the moment! Anyway, thanks for this course. I wanted to let you know it has helped me.” Sue

“Your guidance has opened a new world for me and I can't thank you enough. I'm still new on this journey, but you have shown me the paths... OMGoodness it's been fun! The class was a perfect pace for me, my house could use a good sweep but that's because I purchased so many new decks and just had to devote time to welcoming them all... a good hostess is key to a happy home — ha! The books you recommended for the beginners are wonderful, they will help me be better prepared to recognize and understand the symbolism for your more in-depth class... I can't wait. The Facebook group is a wonderful asset to accompany the class. Everyone is so supportive and I've learned a great deal from the sharing. Technology can be a wonderful thing allowing us to connect around the world. Without it I'd still be using my 15-year-old basic tarot deck once a week to ask: ”What will my life be like this week?" You are a blessing to my life, exactly what I needed and I thank you.” Valerie

“I've taken all of your courses and this one feels qualitatively different - deeper - an evolution. I liked the lightness and gentleness of the structure, the space for carving-out deep alone time. It perfectly suited and reflected the purpose of the course. I loved the guided meditations, the variety of them. A couple really opened me up and got me to some deep and painful truths that I needed to revisit… I love the challenge of touching on those difficult places that then move you forward. Like you, my home is my sacred altar. It's my soulful place of peace. I liked the opportunity to focus on this during the class, to turn-up the volume through thinking about it anew. The journalling was important but not more than the meditations - they worked together to spark a deep germination - a focused process of both conscious and unconscious reflection, always quietly running in the background. It was a great class Susannah, my favorite. Thank you.” Melinda

“I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Sacred Alone course, It was an amazing journey and will now continue to be one for the rest of my life. I loved every part of it, and now miss the morning emails. The meditations were so beautiful and safe. The journal prompts were so sensitive and really made me look and feel just that bit harder...but because they were so deep this now means they are a deeper part of me so will have longer lasting results. I am going to be totally honest now and the truth is I wondered if the course was going to be good value for money, I am so pleased to say it was worth every penny and more. I am now saving up hard to do as many of your courses as possible!” Tracey

“I simply loved The Sacred Alone. I found the essays enriching and thought provoking and appreciated the prompts to journal from the thoughts going through my mind reading the essay. I especially love, love, loved the final meditation. I found myself in tears and smiles talking to my future self. It was a powerful affirmation for me that I am doing the right healing work for myself and am on the right path for my life. I lead a pretty quiet life in the big picture of things, so for me the ritual of The Sacred Alone was a beautiful added benefit to my mornings to start my day. I followed with pulling a Grace card and then my yoga practice. Such a treat! A heart-felt thank you for such a beautiful e-course.” Barbara

“As a classic introvert and ruminator your Journal Your Life course is still unfolding for me. I’m still feeling the impact! Truth be told, I’ve been slowly unfolding for the last 20-ish years. Your course helped me continue to unfold and opened me up in ways I hadn’t expected. I’ve been journaling for years, expelling words out on my computer. Dabbled a bit with the creative parts of it, but this time… it will stick. You encouraged me to get out my watercolors and dab some paint on paper - not an easy task! I’ve grown to love writing in the flimsy little lined journals that I picked up at Anthropologie. About four weeks into the course I started gluing things in them -- at this rate, I’ll be filling up one journal every month. I loved your course. Originally, my friend had asked me if I wanted to take it with her and we are now sad that it is over. But joyful at the same time. Your heart is deeply felt. Thank you sooo much for sharing in your own process and supporting ours.” Jane

“Probably the most important thing that happened for me in this course was that I started connecting with my inner self again, which is something I tend to lose track of in the middle of a busy semester. But your class kept me in touch with my inner desires & dreams. Also, the troubleshooting video you posted last week totally broke me open to the possibilities of what a journal could do for my work as a professor and novelist in progress. Reading/watching each blog post and video was like a tiny gift I gave to myself each day. Thank you!” Kim

“I sooo very much enjoyed your Journal Your Life course. I wasn't ready for it to end! I had been in therapy for years due to a traumatic and blindsiding divorce but felt I was always talking in circles. Your course guided me to excavate my whole self...not just the "divorce years" which were the worst part of my life. I discovered that I am so much more than the last five years of trial and have so much to offer. I got so much "work" done in our six weeks than in 5 years of counseling. I know that my four sons and I are going to be okay. And even though I am currently seeing the kindest man, I eagerly signed up for your Sacred Alone course, because I want to be my own best friend no matter whom is in my life.” Heather

“I enjoyed Photo Meditations so much and I can't thank you enough. Where I often felt desperate to express myself but unsure how to go about it in Unravelling, the knowledge and structure provided in Photo Meditations set me free and after the first couple weeks I began to notice this sense of complete and utter calm, peace and fulfillment overcome me when I was considering and composing photos. Such pure, quiet joy. It means so much to me because I have been drawn to photography ever since I was a little girl but I could never begin to express myself through it which was frustrating. Now I feel so happy taking my pictures - I know I am at the very very beginning of learning but that feels like a good, exciting thing.” Alisa

“I appreciated the structure of daily prompts - they kept me engaged. I appreciated looking at examples from your work and those of others in your slide shows and the interviews -- I often felt surprised and delighted, making sense of "seeing" and inspiration for what's possible, learning and expanding my sense of beauty. I also appreciated the learning in using my camera. I smile writing this - I recall a statement you made somewhere in the class: "what's the light doing?" That has been replaying in my head -- the learning about light and its effects has been helpful. Taking my first self-portraits as part of this course and taking in the effect that in itself has had on me, I feel gratitude. I discovered gentleness towards myself and something "happened" for me in following that prompt. A sense of trust that comes from understanding something, I cannot grasp, yet. Thank you for offering this class.” Kaija

“Susannah, thank you so much for this course. I loved it! I have been taking my camera everywhere and I haven't done that in years. Would you believe that I was shooting outside during my prep periods at school. I was running out in the parking lot trying so hard to catch the morning light. Normally I am so busy inside the building that I don't even see the morning light!! This course has helped me to become more aware of life's little everyday moments and has given me the inspiration to capture them in photos. Oh... the slideshows were amazing. I have gained more knowledge about composition, color, light, self-portraits, storytelling, how to use line and texture more effectively, and so much more. This course is full of info. I cannot wait for the next course to begin!” Angela

“I would like to send you a huge heartfelt thank you for your wonderful course. I started my blog only a few months before the course began so I was a complete novice and not feeling all that confident. All the ideas and prompts and encouragement for revealing our true selves in a voice authentic to us, plus the wonderful community of creative women, have made this not only a truly memorable and rich experience, but also a very practically useful one for establishing our own unique web presence. Thank you for so generously sharing yourself with us!” Iris

“Blogging from the Heart turned out to be one of my favorite e-courses. Thank you so much for putting it together! You’ve inspired me to finally take the plunge and make my blog into the space I’ve always dreamed of. Your design tips and writing prompts have helped me get through days where inspiration wouldn’t flow freely and inspired me to reveal a little more of myself in my writing. With your guidance my blog has finally become a place for community. I couldn’t have asked for more! I’m looking forward to the pdf and will definitely be suggesting this class to any blogger I know who wants to take things to the next level. I can’t believe it all went by so quickly!” Briana

“Thank you for creating this course, it was wonderful. I was a lost little blogger with no real sense of direction and I felt I had no connection to my blog. Through your course and guidance I found my voice and have found the courage to put my face and myself in my blog. Now I simply love it and I can not imagine ever giving up this world that blogging has given me. Thank you again and I highly recommend Blogging from the Heart to anyone who is new to blogging or has been blogging for years. It is fantastic. You will come away from the experience feeling open and ready to blog from your heart.” Leigh

“I can’t tell you what amazing things have happened to me since I began your course. I had heard about it for a while but didn’t think I deserved it, wasn’t worthy blah blah blah… then because I follow you on Twitter I saw you saying that you’d opened registration for the spring course and I just stampeded in to sign up… God, I am glad I did. I had insight after insight, each exercise revealing something deep and precious and true and it has made me stand straighter in my skin than anything i have done before. I am also smiling when I see myself in a mirror — and that is saying something — I truly never used to look at myself in a mirror at all… and now, with the loving words of the people on the course and the surprising finding that I could see something beautiful in my photos, I actually consider a bit of a sashay when I walk through town. I am not hiding and that is a damn good thing. Your honesty, humour and grace are lovely and I am glad glad glad I stampeded to your door.” Jane

“I don’t think my words will ever be enough to let you know how grateful I am to have been able to be a part of your Unravelling tribe. Everything about your course has been honest, true and so genuine. You are a wonderful, amazing woman, one who has allowed her growth as person to help other women find their growth. I hope you realise the impact you make on others, and I am blessed beyond belief to have you in my life as an inspiration. You inspire me to be a better person, you inspire me to be who I am and you inspire me to live my life as it should be. Your Unravelling course has opened up many doors that I have kept closed for years and you have unexpectedly come into my life, encouraged me with your simple words, and you have left a footprint in my soul that I will hold onto forever. I am so grateful to know a woman like you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Rae

“First of all thanks for having created such a lovely place for us to gather and express our emotions as well as our need to discover ourselves a little more. This has been such a joyful adventure and I enjoyed every moment of it. Your assignments were clever and powerful input for me to do some more digging into myself, which is something we don’t usually do in our “busy-hectic” lives, do we? I embraced it with all my heart and as the Unravelling process went on and on, me without even realizing it, I was finding the bits of myself I was looking for, all the things I had somehow lost on the way, until it became pretty clear to me that what I was longing for, the things that truly make me happy, are the only things that are worth pursuing. It didn’t take me too long to understand that this course was exactly what I needed in this very moment, and after these eight weeks I feel more confidence in my heart, the confidence that comes from this incredible chance I had to give a clear and honest look inside myself with no filter or judgments, and for this I am really grateful.” Mariella