Kind Words

“I thoroughly enjoy receiving your love letters and have read every one with a smile in my heart since I subscribed a few years now. They are beautiful to look at so the presentation appeals to me. In addition you have a great style of balancing your personal story with navigating yourself forward and this comes across in how you write. So whilst you are open to us about your challenges, you also have a way of keeping the vibe up that I like — kinda like “I’m doing my best” sort of feel as Dr Brene Brown talks about! When a list of emails comes through on my ‘promotions’ tab, yours is the first and often only one that I open. I tend to keep yours and read them a few times. It also prompts me to go to your website and check out the courses again and dream about doing another one when I have time. I park the thought in my life and enjoy the possibility of participating again.”

Denise, New Zealand

“You are an amazing writer/photographer who knows how to touch my heart. I feel as though I know you, even though I don’t. You have a way of communicating that makes one feel so comfortable, as if an old friend just stopped by. It’s very inspiring to me as a writer/teacher, and I learn from you in everything you send out. I subscribe to a few things, and yours is probably the only one I actually say, “Yay!” when it arrives, and I actually read. Love you, sistah!”

Laurie, USA

“You really inspire me to open up to other people, even if it’s about business. To me that is the most incredible thing. It feels real, you don’t use storytelling because it is hip. You ARE the story. And I think we all are ;-)”

Laura, Europe

“I cannot emphasize enough how much I love the way you express yourself, your writing. Everything you do feels honest, open, deep and inviting. Sometimes I even read your Love letters twice. There is something about you that feels like a big sister in the best possible way even though I am 10 years older than you ;-) You have the ability to create a warm and safe community and draw wonderful people to you. I met a person in your “Find your word 2015″ that I now consider a real friend (not just a Facebook acquaintance). We mainly communicate through Facebook but also spoke for an hour on Skype last summer!”

Carina, Finland

“The reason I stay subscribed to your newsletters is that I am a lover of words and REALLY good writing. In addition to your attention to beauty in all forms, your letters are gorgeous, honest, interesting to read, never “salesy” (even when you have an offering) and they arrive twice a month so I look forward to them. Like a yummy dessert that I savor.”

Sue Ann, USA

“After years of following along with your life via your blog, Instagram, and love letters, I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for all the inspiration and comfort you’ve given me over the years. I’m a social media junkie and writer, so I read a lot of blogs, but yours is the one I come back to most consistently. Your love letters are the only newsletters I get that I open every time. Your sincerity, honesty, and vulnerability are like a warm light when the world seems very dark and unknowable. I started reading your writing when I was in undergraduate school several years ago. I was coming out of a repressive religious upbringing, and your words were so encouraging and uplifting, they functioned as a form of self-care for me. Seven years later, and I’m still reading. You inspire me, not only as a human, but as a writer. You remind me that a single life, told honestly and with grace, can touch countless others – that writing one’s own experience can be an act of generosity. After waking up to reports of shootings in Dallas, Texas this morning, I felt numb, unsure how to move forward in world that seems to be burning itself down. Finding a love letter from you in my inbox was like balm to my soul. Your beautiful images and honest words instantly made me feel a little lighter, a little better prepared to face the world again. So, I wanted to say thank you, for offering the thread of your life to the world. I know your words have woven themselves into my own life, and my life is more beautiful and meaningful for it.”

Mariah, USA

“I always enjoy reading your emails, they have a real calm positive energy about them. They give me something to think about and ways to improve my own life. I like the introvert angle too, being an introvert myself I find any info on how to be a happy successful introvert super useful as a lot of advice (ie for business, socialising and dating) just assumes everyone is a high energy extrovert which tends to make me feel a bit weird!”

Kate, UK

“The Love letters are so wonderfully full of softness, tenderness and love. It is a warm blanket that a friend sends you. It has the perfect sweetness and thoughtfulness. Twice a month, it is the perfect gift. Please don’t change the frequency, it is just perfect!”

Guylaine, Canada

“They are gentle and thought-provoking to read. I love your use of images and that you are so open and “you” in your emails. I am currently going through my inbox and unsubscribing from shouty emails where I’m being told what to do. I enjoy keeping up with your story. It feels like friends who catch up now and then over a mint tea or a glass of wine in a nice quiet cafe bar by the river (rather than a weekly gossip in a loud pub in the centre of town). And of course I learn from you :-)”

Elizabeth, France

“I usually subscribe to blogs I find interesting, but only to find out soon that some people like to pop in my mail box each day not giving me time to assimilate the last mail, some only pop in to announce new e-course but nothing personal or intimate from them, with some I just don’t feel on the same page. This can be very tiresome and I don’t want to keep read something that doesn’t fill my cup for that day, so I unsubscribe. Your Love Letters, Find Your Word and Unravelling workbook, your photographs, your sincerity, humor, genuiness, vulnerability, warmth and authenticity are well anticipated in my mailbox. Still, I don’t know you but I know more about you then you will ever know about me and I feel you as someone really close to me, I can relate to, someone who can inspire me, make me wonder, pick up a different book or take another angle on myself. You are my chum, Susannah, and I thank you for that with all of my heart.”

Tilia, Croatia

“They’re just honest. It feels like a letter from a friend. They’re not overly salesy or even “valuable” and I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean you’re not constantly trying to shove VALUE down our throats. It’s nice to just read sweet stories and vulnerable explorations. And yes, sometimes I learn things or am inspired by something you’ve created, but mostly your emails are just enjoyable to read.”

Marian, Germany

“Honestly, reading your Love Letters and knowing where you are in life and what you are learning is huge for me! I am a huge fan of the Tim Ferriss podcast and learn practical lessons while I learn lessons from the heart with you. Being a 41 y/o male who is also an Aquarian I can relate a lot to you. Thank you for everything you do and exposing your heart to the world and the offer still stands if you are in Portland, OR, I will buy you a glass of wine!”


“I just want to thank you for your words, photos and all that you do. I’ve taken a lot of you ecourses and have followed your journey. I want to say thank you about two in particular. I took Sacred Alone when I was pregnant with my first and love the meditation. We are now expecting our rainbow baby and I’ve been listening to you meditations with my 20-month-old. There’s something about your voice that just sends me to a place of peace. I love The Inside Story! I signed up seven months ago and was so excited to find something that really resonated with me. A lot happened in November/December but I still remember watching the first few videos with my daughter. I’m keen to pick it up again as I know it is something that has been within me this whole time. Something I would like to ask is how do you do it?! How do you connect? I am a 30-year-old, married, almost mama of two who lives on the opposite side of the world to you (Australia), I feel truly blessed to know you. I feel like you are talking to me when you share your words. I feel you understand. You have an amazing gift and you are so genuine and honest it’s gives me faith in the world just a little. So, thank you again. I can’t help but gush!”

Misch, Australia

“I love your authentic writing and that you are not bombarding me with twenty emails each day trying to sell me something — so when your email pops up in my inbox I READ IT from top to bottom (sometimes twice). I love your photography.”

Sarah, Canada

“I find them a little bit of calm in a hectic life. Your love letters always make me smile and take a little time out for myself. Your voice makes me remember the e-courses I’ve done with you and how happy they made me, and how they helped me find myself a little (there’s still a way to go I think!)”

Kerry, Europe

“I don’t think there’s ANY other newsletter I’ve subscribed to that makes me squeal when I see it in my inbox! And of all the ‘online gurus’ I’ve come across during my research, you are the one I keep coming back to, like having a wise and warm older sister… It feels safe and comforting being in your virtual presence, and I want to be like you when I ‘grow up’!”

Christina, UK

“I have been looking at your love, light and work for about 2 years and I find you fabulous. You bring so much wisdom and light through your story and I have learned so much from your approach to business, writing and bringing value to life while having values in doing the being of just you rain or shine. Fabulous, not a word I use often and it sounds so much more magical than genius. I am a very real science oriented person and your use of tarot to open and experience a dreamed future is so much better than the unreal world we posit as the way things should be. You are a treasure. Be well. Blessings.”

Lynn, USA