£17.00 GBP

Fountain Pens Explained 🖋️

Curious about using fountain pens in your journaling practice? This special beginner-friendly video series explains everything you need to know!

What we'll cover:

  • Budget-friendly pens I still use every day
  • Nib sizes explained and demonstrated
  • The different filling systems
  • How to clean and look after your pen
  • Which inks + papers perform best (in my experience)
  • How I swatch my inks and test my pens
  • A ton of links and resources
  • My tips and tricks for enjoying your pens more!

The videos are ready to be watched as soon as you sign up -  you do NOT need to be online at a certain time to watch them. 

Expect to spend an enjoyable hour and 20 minutes with me geeking out on fountain pens

I can't wait to share my pen obsession with you!!