The Your Soul Speaks FAQ


How the course works

All the lessons will be emailed to you so you can expect something from me in your inbox every weekday, Monday to Friday, for three weeks. We also have a private Facebook group where we can hang out and chat! You can always access the group by clicking the Facebook link in the footer of the daily emails.


At the end of the course

1. On the last day I’ll give you a downloadable ebook of the entire course so you can go back through the lessons whenever you like.

2. The private Facebook group will remain online forever :-)



Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be in class at a certain time?

No, there are no set times you have to be in class. This is a self-paced class, so you can fit it in whenever is best for you. Expect to spend about an hour on the class each week broken down into mini sessions. For example, some of you might like to read the email the minute it arrives and do some journaling there and then, while others might prefer to save their journaling time for the evening or go through the week’s lessons at the weekend. It’s totally up to you.

Really, this is more of an experiential course so take in the lessons and begin weaving your intuitive practice through your days!

I’ll be giving you stuff to do but it’s not like the homework you had in school — there are no deadlines or grading or exams. Dip in and out and ENJOY yourself!

What time will the emails arrive?

The course emails are sent out at 8am London-time — depending on where you are in the world this might be a different time for you, so you can check your time zone here.

How do I join the Facebook group?

First, make sure you are logged into your Facebook account. Next, head over to the Your Soul Speaks group page and click on the + Join Group button at the top of the page. My lovely assistant Jess will then check to make sure you are a member of this class before approving your request. Once approved (it shouldn’t take too long) you’ll be all set to start connecting with your classmates!

I don’t like Facebook and would rather not join — will I miss anything if I’m not part of the Facebook group?

Not at all. Joining the Facebook group is completely optional so if you don’t have a Facebook account please don’t feel you have to open one just for this course. All the course content will be sent to you via email so you won’t miss out if you don’t join the Facebook group — it’s simply an extra place where you can connect and share your experiences if you want to.

Can I promote my business in the Facebook group?

No. Our Facebook group is a place to come together as a community and share our journey through the class and I encourage you guys to share your experiences, but please try not to promote your business/Etsy store etc in the group while the course is running. When the course has finished the FB group will remain online and you can move forward as a community in whichever way feels right for you (meaning you can share your businesses and projects!). But while the class is in session please do use your discretion. Thanks for understanding :-)

Is there a blog roll I can add my details to?

Yes! I’ve created a document in the Facebook group. You’ll find it under the “Files” link in the menu bar to the left of the group page. Feel free to add your blog, website, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy store, etc, in there.

Can I invite a friend who’s not doing the class into the Facebook group?

No. The group is just for members of this session of Your Soul Speaks. xo



These are not a requirement for the class, but they are definitely worth a read!

Developing Intuition by Shakti Gawain
Intuition and Beyond by Sharon A Klingler
Intuition on Demand by Lisa K
The Intuitive Way by Penney Peirce
The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav