The August Break, 2013

The August Break |

Welcome to the August Break, 2013!

How it works:

Each day, for the whole of August, take a photo and share it on your blog. You can add words if you want — or not. You can use any camera. You could share a series of photos, or miss a day out, or just post on weekends. There are no real rules, basically. This is all about being present and enjoying taking photos just for the hell of it. And perhaps reinvigorating your love for blogging, and/or taking a break from writing.

If you don’t have a blog you can still take part — share your photos on Instagram and Flickr!

This year we also have a list of daily photo prompts, so if you get stuck for something to photograph, here’s the list:

The August Break |

How to play along:

1. Add your blog address to the Blog Roll below (if you have one – not required!)

2. Join the August Break Flickr pool ready to add your photos

3. Bookmark this page so you can check out other blogs in the blog roll and refer back to the photo prompts (I’m also saving the graphic above to my phone’s photo roll so I always have it with me :)

4. If you plan to share your AB photos on Instagram we have a hashtag — #augustbreak2013 — so we can gather as a group there, too.

5. All the August Break badges + code are over on this page.

The August Break |

There are NO RULES, people! Just sunshine (hopefully) + a bit of fun. And lots of lovely photos to look at and new blogs to discover.

The Blog Roll

To add your blog just scroll down to the last pic and hit ‘Click here to enter

Note — Let’s use this blogroll to find new blogs to read and enjoy so please just add your blog link once — links to your daily posts/images should be shared in the Flickr group and on Instagram NOT added to the blogroll list (okay, so we have one rule ;-) That way the list will stay manageable! :D

Happy August Break, everyone!

PS. You can join us at any time during August – this is an informal challenge so jump in whenever you like!